Home entertainment “Man’s Wrath – Man’s Wrath,” Guy Ritchie Movie Review with Jason Statham on Amazon Prime Video :: Blog on Today

“Man’s Wrath – Man’s Wrath,” Guy Ritchie Movie Review with Jason Statham on Amazon Prime Video :: Blog on Today

“Man’s Wrath – Man’s Wrath,” Guy Ritchie Movie Review with Jason Statham on Amazon Prime Video :: Blog on Today

the December 27 In Italy Released exclusively in Amazon Prime Video Man’s anger – Man’s angerBritish film director Guy Ritchie American actor starring Jason Statham.

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Having been a fan of Guy Ritchie since at least 2000, when it was released kidnappingWe can’t miss this movie, which didn’t quite convince us, though. We explain our reasons for skepticism in this review, but first we summarize briefly and without spoiling the plot man’s anger.

What is human anger?

The film, an obscure remake of the 2004 French film Transporter, into four parts: A Dark Spirit; scorched earth; bad, bad animals (bad, monsters, bad); Liver, lungs, spleen and heart.

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At the center of the story is a robbery of a security truck, in which two security guards and a young bystander are killed. Five months later, a man named Hill (Statham) was hired by that armored car company and began his training with a bullet superior (Holt McCallany) named H.

Just hired, H must already be dealing with an attempted robbery, and while Bullet is kidnapped and his fellow Boy Sweat (Josh Hartnett) panics, he’s very conspicuous and kills and kills all the thieves, thus instantly becoming the idol of all his colleagues and attracting the attention of police investigators, as he In the professional entrance exams, H hardly passed.

However, his fame grew soon after, when during another heist attempt he only needed to get out of the truck with his face exposed to literally put the gang of criminals on the run. At this point the movie begins to move back and forth in time, showing us the initial theft from different perspectives, but to avoid any spoilers, we stop here and invite you to watch Official Announcement From man’s anger.

What is good and what is not good in human anger

As said at the beginning, we’ve been fans of Guy Ritchie’s band for over twenty years: kidnappingAnd lock stock (Both with Statham as well a gun), Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. She is the cornerstone of his cinematography Gentlemen The end of 2020 saw the return of a fantastic director who is able to keep viewers glued to the screen thanks to characters written with rare skill and thanks to stories that astound you, hit you, and leave you speechless.

guy ritchie e jason statham sul set di wrath of man-2

Here, if it is in this spirit that you decide to look man’s anger So the danger of disappointment is right around the corner, and that’s what happened to us. Keep in mind that critics and audiences have mostly welcomed this film favorably (So IMDB Judgments are far from enough), and defining human anger as a bad movie in the absolute sense would be dishonest.

Statham is flawless in his acting, as are the other actors in the movie. Directing works, as does photography and every technical aspect. However, by the end of watching, we had the feeling as if there was something missing in this movie, the thing that usually makes you say “wonderful, beautiful” when the Guy Ritchie movie is over.

However, in this case, it seemed to us that some of the mechanisms had broken down, and so the story continues without a truly memorable scene, without an invention that makes man’s anger Great Ritchie-style movie. And so, in the end, we saw a good action movie, which is definitely worth getting enough of, but it, at least in our opinion, doesn’t go much further than that.

Rating: 6.5


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