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Hockey, a bittersweet transition to skating resumes in Campomarino

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A bittersweet transfer of the Campomarino ice skating formations. The under-14 youth of Marco Liberati SRL rejoice who, despite some heavy absences and a stadium that does not enhance their characteristics, have managed to win both matches of the tournament against the home team: 2-1 and 7-2 each score for the few. Those written by Coach Giannini.

After initial difficulty settling in, the Nerazzurri countermeasures against the opposition and their technical superiority proceeded to continue. However, things did not go well for Snipers VR3, as he took part in the second leg against Kemarin in the Coppa Italia Serie C. Gavazzi’s coach Civitavecchia, again with several absences, struggled to adapt to the field and succumbed to the hosts 9 -3. The absolute debut in the senior tournament for goalkeeper Riccardo Giancola.

“The ability to always fulfill our commitments despite adversity has always been one of our strengths,” says President Valentini. “Unfortunately, the wave of influence that has swept across many of our members has not put us in a position to give 100% but despite that there are many positive signs.” Above all an absolute debut for Giancola, another boy who joins the many emerging athletes that CV Skating is delighted to bring to the field.”

Attendees in the C series: Riccardo Giancola, Samuele D’Angelo, Fabrizio Elli, Marco Stefani, Mattia and Gloria Padovan, Laura Giannini, Sarah Pozzi, Daniele and Davide Cecotti, Nicola Cassese. Coach: Martina Gavazzi.

Attendees for the under-14s: Francesca Borghi, Leonardo Pistola, Stefano Travaglione, Desiree Capodimonte, Michael Caccitori, Chiara de Meo, Ludovica Giancola, Gloria Padovan. Coach: Laura Giannini.

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