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Lando Buzzanca, Iva Zanicchi: “In the last film he was already ill, but he recovered in clapperboard”

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“I remember when I heard about this movie, I went to Lando’s house to lend a hand to this Italian-American director, who didn’t know anyone, who wanted Lando to play a priest. He was very nice, he didn’t look very good but when we shot The fire for a week in a precinct in Rome, as soon as the director said Clapperboard, came back to life and the strong young Lando again: she is the miracle of actors, of all the great actors.” It is the memory that Eva Zanicki entrusted to Adnkronos on the day of the death of Lando Bozanka, who died today in Rome at the age of 87. Iva Zanicchi was in fact among the protagonists of ‘W gli Sposi’, the last film of the actor, also the last one that Paolo Villaggio saw among the interpreters. The movie was released in 2019, two years after Villaggio’s death.

“It was a very nice, very human meeting. We talked a lot about what he would like to do again on TV. He was still full of life and wanting to do. Then I think he had a meltdown, and even unpleasant things happened and he didn’t worry me and I wouldn’t go into benefits,” Zanichi permeates. Which he confirms: “I will have a great memory, of a great, gentle actor. He spoke with pleasure of women, whom he loved very much, at that time he had a partner who introduced me.” Memory of Lando Bozanca “I think he will remain in people’s memory, because he made very funny films where people laugh and joke, and he picked up a fun-loving side of Italians that was always loved a lot and makes him loved by everyone.”

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