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A space for artisanal excellence with an outward focus. “Sigep Real Reboot Signals”

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“One with Sigep represents a winning combination for Confartigianato. We have always participated in this event, in which our world has always participated in an extraordinary way and which today gives a real starting signal.” This was stated by the President of Confartigianato Marco Granelli, who took part in Sigep, the Rimini fair scheduled until Wednesday. “The food sector, with high-level companies, can mark a new stage for all ‘Made in Italy’ products, and I am convinced that the market will turn more and more to quality and customization rather than to standardization. Therefore, I believe that our world of micro and small enterprises will be The protagonist will also represent an opportunity for foreign countries.”

Focus on foreign markets

China as a country anticipates consumer trends on a global scale. Market analysis firm The Npd Group outlines the state of the art of outdoor consumption in APAC (Asia Pacific) countries at Sigep-The Dolce World Expo, which runs at the Rimini Fair until Wednesday 16th. Felicia Kee, Director of Food Services in China for Npd Group, presented, Provided by Matteo Figoura, Director of Foodservice Italy, an overview of how the industry outside the home in China also behaves in comparison with other major Apac countries (Korea, Japan and Australia in particular), on the eve of the presentation of the agreement with Koelnmesse with which Siegep is preparing to land in Dragon Country. The overseas market has been one of the hardest hit over the past two years, but China is quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels today. However, the patterns of consumers have changed, who today prefer breakfast more, lunch low and dinner hard with the addition of an afternoon snack. As in the rest of the world, the delivery market has also grown exponentially in China, which restaurant owners have joined by adding takeaway meals as well. Felicia Key emphasized that the food service market in China has recovered, with the characteristic, however, that consumers are more conservative, more cautious in spending and seek safety and familiarity with their relationship with restaurants in particular. In promoting services, restaurants are taking advantage of new communication channels, in particular TikTok.

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History of Tecchiolli . Bakery

Bread enhances the region, its culture, raw materials, supply chain, commitment, effort and daily work for each individual operator. Speaking at a talk sponsored by Richemont Club Italia during the third day of Sigep – The Dolce World Expo 2022, an event signed by the Italian group of exhibitions held at the Rimini fair until Wednesday 16 March, Aldo and Ariana Ticcoli spoke about the project led by their convenience store, Bakery Pastry Tecchiolli in Cavedine , in the national spotlight as a case of excellence in sustainability and glorification of the region’s biodiversity. Presented by Richmont Club Italia Chancellor Simone Pieragostini and journalist and University Professor of Food Cultures and Politics Alex Rivelli Sorrini, the meeting outlined a project born thanks to the support of the Mach Foundation, a local organization that pursues the goals of education and scientific research in the agricultural field. The Tecchiolli family bakery had the idea of ​​using the harvest of local farmers to give life to a long-running bread line, made from natural mother yeast, which with initial distribution at the local level managed to transform itself into a premium product line capable of conquering the small frontiers of the Trentino Valley. The comprehensive supply chain project, which has had the advantage of giving new life and new business channels to local agriculture, for effective cooperation between operators in continuous growth and which begins to involve social inclusion projects of different categories of people with difficulties.

The seed brothers book

“The journey that starts from green and reaches the cup”, is the spirit of “CoffeExperts”, the new Bazzara book edited by brothers Andrea and Marco, presented for the first time nationally today at Sigep – “The Dolce World Expo” by the Italian exhibition group , at the Rimini exhibition until next Wednesday. A project that talks about culture, progress and sustainability, but also and above all about the feelings and sensations related to the coffee experience. The author of the epilogue, Minister of Agricultural, Environmental and Forestry Policies Stefano Patuanelli. “The Bazzara family has worked for generations to uphold the human quality and productivity of the coffee supply chain, pioneering food and wine culture and an authentic expression of the best Made in Italy to the rest of the world. Browsing through the pages of the volume, the path of the drink begins from its regions of growth, analyzes the characteristics of farms, passes through world port trade through the free port of Trieste and affects the way of life of our country.” This is the message that the Minister wanted to convey to Franco Bazzara, President of Bazzara Espresso to present to Sigep The volume can be purchased at the company’s eShop and on the Bazzara Espresso Amazon page. It will also be available at select bookstores, trade fairs, and at top coffee academies and schools across the country.

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Gelato, the award winning chains

Maintaining a high standard and continuing to invest in the identity of the individual: this is the message that the entrepreneurs in the world of ice cream gave to the public at the Sigep – The Dolce World Expo of the Italian exhibition group, which runs at the Rimini fair until Wednesday, March 16, during the award ceremony Top International Gelato Chains at Gelato Arena. The appreciation that Sistema Gelato gave to this year’s dynamic ice cream chain went to Cioccolatitaliani, Amorino and Gelatiamo. The three brands have more than 300 points of sale in Italy and abroad. Vincenzo Ferrieri is a co-founder of Cioccolatitaliani, a chain that was founded in 2010 and today has 51 stores and has crossed the Italian border by expanding into the Middle East, the Balkans and other Mediterranean countries. “I believe that continuing to invest in building the brand is the key point to continue developing even in difficult times like these. By adapting the service and the layout of the point of sale, while staying true to a well-defined identity,” Ferreri explained. It was echoed by Ana Martin Campos, General Manager of Gelatiamo, 25 points of sale in Spain and South America, with a presence in Mexico, Bolivia and Costa Rica.

“Keeping labor cost under control is important, but quality and consistent training is also a key factor in the solidity of our business,” Campos explained. Gabriela Pettito, speaking for Ice Agency for Promotion Abroad and Companies, highlighted how ice cream consumption has evolved and how the sector is moving to meet new consumer needs, the growing interest in a healthy diet and interest in the great trends affecting the entire food sector, from “free of” to vegetables. Antonio Verga Falzacapa, CEO of Sistema Leader, who presented the awards to the chains, indicated that Sistema Gelato will continue to focus on the performance of Italian ice cream in the world. “The chain, which creates positive effects along the entire supply chain and strengthens Italy’s position in the ice cream machinery and components sectors.”

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