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Forza Motorsport will be at the Xbox Show but not released this year, according to an insider –

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Although it hasn’t been announced that it will come in 2022, many people are taking a version Forza Motorsport during this yearbut according to well-known insiders Tom Henderson That won’t happen, with the new chapter of the Turn 10 series instead scheduled for 2023.

“I’m sure we’ll see the announcement of the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels DLC and our first look at the next Forza Motorsport, which is set to launch. Spring 2023 Based on what I’ve heard, “Henderson responded to those who asked for possible information on the Forza series. Having not seen the new Forza Motorsport (which will essentially be Forza Motorsport 8) running after the first trailer in the 2020 engine, the journalist/insider’s statement is entirely plausible, Considering the credibility the character has reached at this point. Furthermore, it appears that the presence of DLC on Hot Wheels for Forza Horizon 5 has been directly confirmed by Steam.

However, this disappoints many players who, in some ways, were now convinced of a Forza Motorsport release in 2022, although this was not suggested by official sources. The biggest problem, in fact, will be the actual lack of First Party Productions Important between now and the end of the year, unless surprises appear during the Xbox & Bethesda Show, of course.

Turn 10 for the new Forza Motorsport is taking a long time to process due to the evolution applied to the game’s core engine, ForzaTech, which had to be developed to make the most of the next generation hardware. As previously reported, in fact, Forza Motorsport should come out Exclusive to Xbox Series X | S and PC And not on Xbox One, although building a test of the game on that platform appears to have gone through some testing anyway.

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We will know more inXbox and Bethesda Gallery Scheduled for tomorrow, June 12, 2022 at 19:00.

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