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Discrimination against watermelons, Lazio by France, government takes action – football

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(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 1 – “Fratelli d’Italia requests the government to take immediate action to prevent unjustified discrimination caused by the French Ministry of the Interior ruling prohibiting all Lazio fans or anyone entering France to present themselves as such on November 3 and 4” . This was supported by the head of the Italian brotherhood, Giorgia Meloni. In a note he stressed that “we are facing a dangerous precedent: on the occasion of a football match, in this case Marseille-Lazio, the Paris government does not limit itself to denying access to the stadium or to the city”. which hosts the match but prevents even access to French territory “from roads, railways, ports and border airports” not only for those who wish to go to the stadium but to anyone claiming to be a supporter of the team.

Fratelli d’Italia and Meloni expect “from Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Italian government a clear position on a provision that contradicts all international laws relating to the free movement of people.” (Dealing).

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