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Historic arenas, many ambitions, great football

Historic arenas, many ambitions, great football
Exhilaration at the Derby Molvita Calcio - Bisgli

Cheer up at the Molfetta Calcio-Bisgli Derby © Isabella Di Stefano

While the Group H transfer market is seeing days of shooting with teams outfitting super battleships and the first big kegs on the market, the entire Molfetta Calcio group is also getting started.

One of the NLD’s concerns has long been the formation of days. There are always two hypotheses: the “Adriatic” group that will embrace the coastal regions of Marche and Abruzzo, descend towards Termoli to touch the Barletta, Molfetta and “Bari” teams. But the truth is that this plan to divide the police teams always remains on the table and we find ourselves experiencing, in time, the beauty and unpredictability of the infernal group H, with which Apollo Campania mixes with players of absolute level.

So far, 171 teams, divided into the usual nine groups, are entitled to lead to an average of 19 teams per group. We’re heading into a new Series D with groups of 18 and 20 teams, and we’re always waiting for those 23 teams, including Bisceglie, who have made a regular request for replays in Series 4.

Molvita Calcio’s full set is a pool of fearsome teams: Puglia, in alphabetical order, should be represented by the resized Bitonto who is still a tough team, Brindisi and Casarano who make up two warships, Fasano and Gravina called for confirmation last season. Excellent, Nardò for Mr. Ragno who goes from the excitement of the playoff to dreams of glory which brought the coach from Molfetta as a pony, the Altamura team from a consortium of local entrepreneurs who will surely want to do well. To “certain” we add Barletta who found Series D in his centenary year and gave himself a hit for the ninety, and Martina who always did well in the Fourth National Series. Puglia will bring 10 teams as colt to Group H. The teams will be eleven if a Pisgley is caught.

Three Lucanian teams: Francavilla in Cinni, the new qualifier winner, Lavelo who snatched salvation from the qualifiers, ambitious newly promoted Matera Gromentum.

To close the twenty-team circuit, here are the Campania lineups: seven without Becigli, and six with their star-studded Nerozorian cousins. This option was never distinguished by a purely geographical criterion, and we almost always relied on and defended public order. It is very difficult to understand how LND worked to build the group: Among the teams that already faced in 2020-21, Puteolana (newly promoted today to D), Aversa, Portici and Sorrento faced last year, as Casrtana and Nocerina are building two teams two large, Nola and Mariglianese. Afragolese, another team from Campania that are super equipped, the historic Cávez Square, the gladiator Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Santa Maria del Cilento are still clean and friendly; Pagans slide from C to D, while Angri and Palmese rise to the fourth national series.

A special charm that would give the challenge against Termoli, promoted by Molise Excellence, with red and white. Unfortunately, the Adriatic derby should not happen and the Apollo Campania H group will remain as well. A C2 is undercover in Serie D with many frightening challenges.


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