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Calcio Iselenza – Castiglione and Castellana empty-handed. But refereeing errors are crucial

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Alessandro Novellini

Mantua Double defeat for Mantua d’Excelenza: Castiglione and Castellana have not lost at all, but they can complain about several bad occasions, but above all about refereeing decisions that were not at all convincing, and the photos are in hand. But let’s go in order: We’re almost at the 90th minute of the Castiglione-Silverje match, where the visitors are only one goal ahead and have just come close to making it 1-2 thanks to Omorogieva’s goal. The Mastiffs pushed forward and tried everything to achieve the equaliser: Campagnari fired a shot from about 15 meters but it was blocked by Belotti. According to the pictures (picture on the left, full video available on Mantovauno’s website), he stopped the ball with a good save, in the middle of the area. He did not interrupt the referee, indicating that he saw clearly. However, we have to understand what it is, given that it is a sunny penalty in terms of regulations (despite the gloomy day). Castellana was luckier, because after suffering the penalty that gave Pavonese the lead for a handball (which was there) by Fay Papp, they were denied, two minutes later, an equally obvious penalty (frame on the right) with one of the players. The Rossonero who dribbles the ball with both hands. But it was not over yet: in the 40th minute, Minnelli was brought down at the entrance to the area. Here too the referee ignores the matter, perhaps annoyed by the dramatic fall of the home team’s striker (who was certainly affected). In the second half, Ruffini was linked to a corner kick, and here too everything continued, until the (sacred) penalty awarded to Beltrami in the final. In short, a real horror book.
Castellana manager Alessandro Novellini takes the matter philosophically: “The referee made a mistake, but just complaining that penalty kicks were not awarded would be a mistake. We must be good at analyzing our mistakes. Work, if any, on the things that depend on us. The race director had quite a bad day, and we had to improve on what we were responsible for. However, the performance was there: the team is running and creating perhaps more than when we were first in the standings. That’s why we shouldn’t worry too much. Since I believed in this team when everything was going well, I don’t lose hope now that they also performed well, but did not achieve a result. We have the opportunity immediately to redeem ourselves against Hospitaletto: it will be a good match.” Perhaps Parisio and Migliorelli will be among the blue and white. Instead, Casti will go to Casazza, with the same goal: to start again. Hopefully, the errors and mistakes will be over.

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