April 24, 2024

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“The school provides space for the real needs of the students”

“The school provides space for the real needs of the students”

Kitty. Yesterday, yesterday’s competition in Chieti brought the womb and women to the center of the Literary Prize organized by Movimento per la Vita in collaboration with the Theatine City Institutes. A competition centered on motherhood and the womb as a good of society.

The school neglects the real need of male and female students. The school should educate about conscious sex. For a teen having intercourse, it is essential to know how consent works, how to protect himself from sexually transmitted infections, or how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Adopting ban policies and pretending that students who go to school have no sexual relations expose more and more self-training that often takes place on websites or among their peers. Self-training that often leads to incorrect and sometimes dangerous behaviors.

Young people live in contexts where work contracts do not allow them to leave their parents’ home and are allowed to live independently. In these contexts, many young people decide not to take the path of family and parenthood. The school must fight side by side with its students so that they have a future in which their studies are economically recognized, create school pathways more suited to their needs, train them to think critically and ensure that they are not undervalued. The labor market and their skills.

The school should teach women that it is their right to make a decision about their reproductive system and that this is not a collective benefit. To be the place where education takes place to undermine the belief that a woman must necessarily go through the stage of motherhood to be complete, the narrative of the heroic woman who decides to become pregnant and suffering, and the destructive woman who decides to boycott it. The school should be the place of the educational revolution in which women also emerge as key figures in the culture we have today. To be the place where one learns to fight for one’s rights, fight for recognition, struggle to reduce the gender gap more and more until it disappears.

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You should also talk to LGBTQIA+ people about your schools and show them that the traditional family does not exist, and show them that there is no heterogeneous mother and father family. Show them that rainbow families exist and are part of our reality. You have to show them that there is room for them in your institutions, and that their sexuality is legitimate to be equally visible to their heterosexual companions. You need to create institutions where there is access to a profession also known as transgender people* in order to reduce the pain of not being recognized in school settings by faculty and peers.

The school takes its turn and gives way to the real needs of the student body.” So we read in a note from Arcigay of Chieti.