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His mother leaves him for her lover, and the child goes out to search for her: he dies when he is injured

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The taxi driver responsible for the killing of the little boy Royal Hall He was sentenced to 9 years and 9 months in prison: The 7-year-old boy left home to look for his mother, who left him alone in the dark to go to his partner. This was a story that shocked British public opinion in particular because of the sad fate of the little boy, who left his home in the middle of the night in search of the woman, who was sentenced last month to 3 years in prison on charges of neglect.

The events occurred on 11 August 2020 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It was just after 10pm when Mohsin Hussain, 32, driving his black Toyota Auris, ran over the child at full speed along Manchester Road, at the junction with St Stephens Road. The little boy died shortly after being admitted to hospital, where he arrived in a desperate condition due to his very serious injuries Injuries Returned to the head.

During the investigation, police discovered that the taxi driver was driving at 53 or 54 miles per hour when he hit the child, in a zone where the speed limit does not exceed 30 miles per hour. Not only that, in addition to speeding by nearly double the speed limit, Mohsin Hussain was also under the influence Narcotic substances. His situation was further aggravated by the fact that the license he held had expired a month before the tragic accident: yet the 32-year-old continued to carry out his service as if nothing had happened. For all these reasons, Bradford Crown Court decided to sentence the man, a father of three children, to 9 years and 9 months in prison.

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Last month, the court also sentenced the child’s mother, 33-year-old Wendy Hall: she will have to spend 3 years behind bars for neglect towards her son, who was abandoned at home in the dark in the middle of the night. A night without electricity or gas.

In yesterday’s ruling, Maliki’s sisters submitted a heartbreaking statement to the court, accusing Hussein of stealing the child’s future. “We will miss watching him grow into the man he will become. We were robbed of our childhood with him, but also of our future lives as adults.”. “The sentence to live our lives without my king will never end, for us it is like a life sentence.”They added, “We will have to live the rest of our lives without our king, our brother who was tragically taken from us too soon.”

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