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The new restock is only coming to GameStop stores. Here’s how to contact you when it becomes available

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GameStop is about to receive a new restock of Play Station 5 for the period Apr/May 2022. The consoles we are talking about in this news and which are due to arrive in the coming weeks It will be for sale in storesbut this does not exclude that there will also be online drops.

At the moment, the month of April has opened without any online restock. In fact, last Wednesday, during the usual live broadcast, There were no drops of Play Station 5 Unlike what happened in the last two weeks of March 2022.

Just in anticipation of the arrival of new stocks The possibility of being on the list has been launched at points of sale to buy a package. we define it It’s not a real reservation, so you will not be required to pay an advance. Unless the consoles are already immediately available, in which case you can take them home right away or buy and pick them up in a few days.


So how to be included in the list and contact you as soon as possible Play Station 5 will be available in your store? very simple, Just go to the store with your GameStop card. For privacy reasons, employees are only allowed to take the card number. So we suggest you Log in to GameStop website and check it in your profile Your phone numbers are present and correct.

If you don’t have a GameStop card, just go to the site and register at this address. Then go to your profile and Print the temporary card inyour card. With this, you can go to your trusted store and get listed.

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Before leaving us some clarifications. The first relates to the delivery dates that may differ in stationed To the number of people already in the list before you intend to buy Play Station 5. So it is not guaranteed that the upcoming upcoming stock will be sufficient to meet all orders. The second is that Some outlets may not be aware of this opportunity, thus it can give you a negative answer. So try to contact them by phone before going to the store in person, especially if it is far away.

We also point out that you can always try your luck in the second contest organized by Ringo! Maybe you will be lucky and you will be drawn as a big winner.Package From consoles, games and accessories!

We remind you of Subscribe to our Telegram channel dedicated to offers To keep up with the latest promotions and availability Play Station 5 and X-Box Series X. As We Made It Practical guide that can help you with the purchase.

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