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Omicron 5, which is why scientist Eric Topol considers it “the most dangerous variant ever”

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American world for days Eric Topol On Twitter warns of the dangers Omicron 5 Alert the reader to its danger and the speed of its spread globally. In a tweet on Twitter Topol, founder and director Scripps Research Translational . Institutelinked his large and second intervention to the ‘BA.5 variant’ which ‘has greater immunological evasion than the other Omicron sub-variables’ as can be easily understood through the analysis Even the official data for new infections only. Which is why the expert described it, in a contribution to the Washington Post, as the most dangerous variable ever seen. Specifically “because of the severity of immune evasion and transmissibility compared to any previous form of SARS-CoV-2”.

But the researcher’s analysis – which cites a study by the Kirby Institute in Australia that was published in MedRxiv and is therefore not subject to review – goes further than that.”The infectious capacity of BA.5 is more delta-like than the previous Omicron family of variants. This relationship is noteworthy because it extends the well-known immune-escape property of BA.5 (which has been shown to be less reactive with Evusheld monoclonal antibodies than previous Omicron variants) to also increase infection.” That is why the scientist assumes that it takes so long to get a test Negative for Covid after infection, even more than 10 days.I called it the worst variant we’ve seen so far because of the severity of immune evasion and transmissibility compared to any previous Sars-CoV-2.

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In short, this term deltracon The use of “prematurely many months before during a pandemic” can more easily be attributed to Omicron 5. However, Topol identifies this variant as the worst “not because it causes more serious disease, which remains unclear but is possible due to its characteristic delta-like infection One “. The fact, the latter, is also difficult to explain because “our immune system makes a huge difference in the way we perceive disease caused by each subsequent variant.” What we see in many European countries and the United States is a “pattern of increased hospitalizations for BA.5, still growing, but often much less than what was observed in previous waves. The good news is that, overall, ICU admissions and deaths are separated, that is, they do not increase as much as the increase in hospitalizations“.

MedRxiv دراسة study

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