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Growing anti-Putin protests. Special forces against protesters in the field –

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The protest symbol already exists and is a picture of A Water cannons on a woman while she is waving the European flagA symbol of a generation that does not bow to dictatorships.

Tbilisi rebels, where yesterday thousands took to the streets to say no to Putin and demand that Europe punish the oligarchy Obstacle to the process of European integration in Georgia. After the clashes that occurred on Tuesday evening, yesterday Demonstrators returned to parliament to protest against the so-called “foreign agents” law It was approved on first reading by the Assembly. Opposed by the opposition and the European Union, the legislation is seen as a way to limit the activities of the media and NGOs, similar to a law passed in 2012 in Russia. If approved, it would put Georgia, which has always stood between East and West, on the list of post-Soviet anti-democratic and authoritarian countries.such as Belarus, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

In the evening sClashes with policemen who fired tear gas canisters In the subway, which has become a refuge for protesters. The crowd was ordered to disperse and some people were injured, according to what he reported BBC. Demonstrating in this country is not easy, dissidents are imprisoned, and journalists are too. In recent weeks, we have witnessed a crackdown that coincided with it The government’s willingness to please Putin, ”he explains in a phone call to courier there European-Georgian MP for the opposition party, Elaine Khashtaria. His partner, Zurab Jabaridze, leader of the Jirchi party, was seized by the police. “They haven’t released him yet,” Khashtaria adds, as protesters’ chants can be heard in the background. And former deputy Salome Smadashvili adds that “the demand of the arena is clear.” Â “We call on the West and the United States to impose sanctions on the oligarchs who prevent the Georgian people from taking the path desired by the majority.. Which leads to Brussels ». the Recall the Euromaidan protests in Kiev in 2013-2014, with the fall of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, it became clear. But the ruling Georgian Dream Party, which supports the new law, says it aspires to join the European Union and NATO, and to follow a pragmatic line in relations with Moscow, with which Georgia fought a war in the summer of 2008.

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According to the Ministry of the Interior, 77 protesters were arrested during the events. 50 officers and civilians were wounded in the clashesThe ministry added. But Giorgi Vashadze of the opposition Agmashnebeli Strategy Party denounced the “disproportionate use of force against a peaceful demonstration” while videos posted online showed arbitrary arrests and even protesters falling to the ground.

Tbilisi is on fire Pro-Moscow propaganda resumes its flight And while Russian forces besieged Bakhmut in Ukraine. Speaking at the new demonstration in front of parliament, Levan Khabishvili, leader of the opposition United National Movement party, called for daily protests. He then publicly burned papers with the text of the law requiring non-commercial companies that have more than 20% of their financing from abroad to register specifically as “foreign agents”. The head of Sogno Georgiano, Irakli Kobakhidze, promised that discussion of the vote on the second and third readings of the law would not take place before June, pending the opinion of Parliament’s request from the Venice Commission, the party’s legal advisory body. Council of Europe. But the tension does not subside. And it is not enough for the President of the Republic, Salome Zurabishvili, who opposes the law, to declare a veto: Sogno Georgianu, who controls more than half of the seats in parliament, can in any case enact the law.

Tbilisi square calls. And Brussels, with the voice of the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel reiterated that the adoption of the law “does not correspond to the course of the European Union, which is sought by the majority of Georgians.”. Instead, came the poisoned comment of Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova from Moscow: “Now it is clear why the United States has not yet joined the European Union, and this law has been in force here since 1938.”

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