Home entertainment Beetlejuice 2, the boar being (probably) will return. Keaton and Ryder are still in the cast

Beetlejuice 2, the boar being (probably) will return. Keaton and Ryder are still in the cast

Beetlejuice 2, the boar being (probably) will return.  Keaton and Ryder are still in the cast

It’s been over 30 years since the release of BeetlejuiceAnd the Spiritlo Purcello One of the most successful horror comedies of the 80’s. Part of the credit goes to ingenuity Tim Burton From her face, on the other hand to a team that shines in giving life to a stranger and above the top character, the title pig, was effervescent Michael KeatonSupported by a young woman Winona Ryder. Awarded by critics and audiences—even managing to win an Oscar for Best Makeup—Beetlejuice laid the foundations for an animated series (1989), various video games (early ’90s) and even a musical (2019). What was missing is a real sequelAnd the But something is moving again.

The latest rumors about Beetlejuice 2 are going in the direction of a next one To whom no ketoneAnd the Both will return to play the characters of the first chapter – And that would indeed be excellent news. To take care of the project will be Plan B for entertainmentproduction house dI’m Brad PittWhich was to set a date for the start of filming next summer. There is only one detail of the clashes in the rumors around the network Jeff Schneider – A source familiar with the world of cinema – Warner Bros. has not yet given the final green light. There is encouraging news, but the outcome remains uncertain, especially considering that the World Bank has in the past prevented production of a second chapter on other occasions.

The result of the project has not yet been deducted

In 1997, an attempt to launch a sequel failed Beetlejuice goes to Hawaii, in 2011 Seth Graham Smith He was hired to write the script for the film but even that project never saw the light of day. A few months ago, the screenwriter – that only amateurs are not seen, by the way, cooperate with himself Tim Burton In the movie Dark Shadow (2012) – Explanation Why is making a second chapter of Beetlejuice so complicated: This is because so many people love it and why there are 10 million ways to get this sequel wrong and four ways to get it right. In other words, the risk of fan disappointment is high and not all attempts to bring the historical comedies of the ’80s back to life are successful – there are also exceptions, such as the recent Ghostbusters Legacy, Signed by the late Evan Reitman.

In the face of the knot still to be resolved in the sequel – nothing is said, for example, about the premise that Burton or Danny Elfman He (the author of the soundtrack for the first chapter) is involved in the project – the only way at the moment to honor the original is to rediscover it. It is easily available Also on Netflix. The plot is simple, to make it special are the dialogues and the actors: a young couple (played by Alec Baldwin And the Geena Davis(They die, come home as ghosts and find a new family)Winona Ryder She is the daughter of the new owners), so they ask Beetlejuice (ketone) to scare them into making them leave.


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