Home sport Alpine Hockey League, Thursdays for Asiago, Vasa, Renon, Cortina and Girdina – FISG

Alpine Hockey League, Thursdays for Asiago, Vasa, Renon, Cortina and Girdina – FISG

Alpine Hockey League, Thursdays for Asiago, Vasa, Renon, Cortina and Girdina – FISG

After Saturday’s thrilling match that allowed Migros Asiago to beat Ritner Boams for the third consecutive Scudetto for the Giellorossi and the eighth in its history at the end of the Serie A stage, the IHL – Serie A teams are refocusing on the cross-border tournament. Alpine hockey league team.

Fassa hosts the new Italian Champions for their re-release in the Master Round. The memory of the Hawks continues until last December 16, when coach Liberator’s team defeated the Giallorossi 4:0.

The AHL’s sixth season still has to make many judgments, and starting Thursday, the errors should be limited because March 5 is approaching, so the first important turning point of the Alpine season also intensifies in the Thursday 17 February game between the two countries. Vasa Falcons and Italian champion Migros Asiago. The latter is on top of the main round and hasn’t missed a win since playing in the second stage. On the other hand, Vasa only wins by one point and is trying to win again because he is last in the main round which does not allow to go directly to the quarter-finals but the need to pass from the treacherous qualifiers. . Then at Scola, Thursday, it was one of the Falcons’ final calls to return to fight for direct access to the playoffs. Now Ladin’s team is eight points off Renon’s fourth, a recent win that qualifies directly to the quarter-finals and another defeat that could jeopardize the Hawks’ trajectory. However, the people of Trentino have fond memories. Last December 16, the Falcons beat the Giallorossi 4:0 when Ladin were inside in what would become a record run for Vasa players with eight straight wins. This losing challenge is also the only match where the Featured Players have been without goals in Alpine/Ligue 1 matches. Now, however, the Giallorossi, pushed by the success of the Scudetto, will try to consolidate the leadership gained in the master. The tour as Alvasa will try to resume the game of speed and goal that distinguished the team exactly two months ago from Alba di Canazzi.

broadcast live: www.fassafalcons.com

Renon confronts Lustenau. A clash between the disappointed of their respective national championships. The Buams are looking for redemption after losing the Scudetto and in the event of a win, not only do they move closer to the quarter-finals, but they can also move up the standings as their opponents in the evening are one point ahead.

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Disappointed after missing out on the Scudetto win, Buam’s Alpine team plunged into a delicate challenge against Lustenau. The Austrian Lions team came second in the national championship for the Austrian teams participating in the Alps. The Vorarlberg team lost a double confrontation with its regional rival, Bregenzerwald. Regardless of last weekend’s results, the challenge between Renon and Lustenau looks very significant for the blues and reds who have proven they have a lot of potential to return to the top. “Lustenau is a very physical team, very fast and has good strength. It will definitely be a tough match, as we will have to give our best.”, Stefan Quinz analyzes the guests arriving at the Ritten Arena. In the regular season, Rittner Boam faced Vorarlberg twice and both matches ended in victory for South Tyrol. In November, Santeri Heskanen won by 7:3 at Ritten Arena, while a month later they won 0:4 away – thus, the stats back Ritner Boam. Queens is also convinced: “We have to play our way, so we will be ready.” Lustenau presents himself at the Ritten Arena with an advantage point and thus a must-try match on Valcome.tv

Cortina’s tough test for Jessie’s. After fourth in the Scudetto, the Ambizu players attempted to move up the Alpine rankings against the Red Steelers who slipped before the break, dropping to 5 points from leaders Asiago.

After a final stage culminating in a 4:3 overtime win over Giardina, Cortina, despite finishing fourth in the Scudetto standings, is trying to resume play in the Alps from her difficult trip to Gisenice. The Balkans lost a few points too many in the second stage and no longer looked like that granite team that took charge of the Alpine regular season just a month ago. That was why Jesenice’s desire for revenge would be so high. On the other hand, Cortina will necessarily have to change gears with respect to the opponents on the list. Belluno had to dispense with three players in the Scudetto week: Moser, Riccardo Lasidelli and Di Zana. But coach Ivo Machaca’s side won the match against Vasa in the return before competing in the Scudetto stage and by two points in overtime outperformed the Falcons in the main Alpine Tour. For his part, Jesenice leads the Slovenian championship, but last week was overtaken by ICE rival Olimpia Ljubljana for 5:0.

Gherdeina is trying to cement the Group B qualifying lead which has so far seen the Ladins win 4 out of 4 wins. Expect the Furies from the sly game in Feldkirch finding a new foreign striker for the rest of the season.

With an encouraging third place finish at the end of the first division, Gerdina returned to the Alps as she leads Group B undisturbed in the pre-qualifiers with 8 points over her nearest rival. However, Ladin’s team has to face one of the biggest obstacles of the group as VEU Feldkirch. The Vorarlberg team, still below the qualifying streak in the preliminaries, awaits Ladenz with a new possibility of a last-minute boost as Danish striker Bison.

Alpine Hockey League | 17.02.2022:
Master’s Tour:
Thursday, 17.02.222, 19:00: HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice – SG Cortina Hafro
Thursday 02.02.2022, 20:00: Rittner Buam – EHC Lustenau
Thursday 17.02.2022, 20:30: Migros Asiago Hockey Market – SHC Fassa Falcons

Qualification stage A:
Thursday, 17.02.22, 19:15: Red Bull Hockey Juniors – Team of the Future EC-KAC

Qualification stage B:
Thursday 17.02.22, 19:00: Steel Wings Linz – EK Die Zeller Eisbären
Thursday, 17.02.2022, 19:00: BEMER VEU Feldkirch – HC Gherdeina valgardena.it

Master’s Tour
a team GP JD points
1 ash 4 +9 15
2 JES 4 +1 10
3 EHC 4 +2 9
4 RIT 4 +3 8
5 SGC 4 -7 3
6 Axe 4 -8 1
Qualifying Round A
a team GP JD points
1 RPG 3 +6 13
2 European Central Bank 4 +4 9
3 WSV 4 +0 9
4 Kuwait Economic City 4 -8 4
5 KFT 3 -2 3
Qualifying Round B
a team GP JD points
1 GHE 4 +15 17
2 SWL 4 +4 9
3 EKZ 4 -3 8
4 VEU 4 +1 7
5 VCS 4 -9 3
6 HCM 4 -8 2

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