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Time to think about 2026

Time to think about 2026

A strange World Cup, let’s face it. The Qatar event was a particular World Cup that was marred by controversies related to non-football factors. The Winter dispute involved several issues related to civil and social rights, as well as scandals that surfaced before, during and after the tournament. The sporting aspect, in a dream final, sometimes took a back seat and was drowned out by a rightful desire to discuss non-football aspects.

The final word, however, is in: Argentina and Leo Messi have lifted the gold trophy at the top of a decidedly jagged path. From today we will turn to the page, at least in relation Gianni Infantino and company. Qatar 2022 is closed and indeed, it is time to think Canada, Mexico and the United States by 2026. The World Cup will return to the North American continent after 32 years for the last time. Only the Country of Stars and Stripes organized the event, which has already been renamed the World Championships this time around. United 2026.

New regulations, but already chaos

It will be there Biggest World CupThis is already a fact: for the first time there will be 48 qualifiers for the final stage. Someone whispers that FIFA, not satisfied with the selections in question, And thinking about expansion, apparently, it’s not necessary. In fact, the reason for a design that has yet to be decided.

Infantino and Partners have to Untie this critical knot With two possible solutions: Twelve groups of four or sixteen groups of three. Not an easy choice: the first option will significantly increase the number of matches played, the second will create very little interest if a triangular decision is made in the first two days of the mini-group.

It is clear that Fifa could at least organize and establish a coherent format before changing such a historically successful formula. “Almost Complete” It was once said: Of course not Zurich.

A dedication to the stars and stripes

The 2026 World Cup will be an occasion for football’s definitive commitment (or resignation). The United States will host the World Championships again, and barring any sensational reversals, they will do so two years later. Copa America 2024.

An important dual encounter for the future of the Stars and Stripes movement. Over the years, in fact, the national team and twoMilli They are growing and aiming for a definite leap in quality in the next five years.

In Qatar, McKenney And his compatriots have reached the round of 16, while the American championship attracts European players, more mature in their game than in the past.

So a home World Cup for the United States would be the perfect opportunity to show the planet that they can finally become a soccer power, breaking the inferiority complex that has historically seen them behind South America and Europe.

So, it is reasonable to expect big things: from a sporting, infrastructural and promotional point of view. However, it is also true that a defeat can spell the grave for ambitions of footballing greatness.

Passion and innovation

Next to the US are Mexico and Canada. Two completely different cultures can be seen living together and welcoming a great event. For Mexico it will be a return since the 1970 and 1986 editions, while for Canada it will be a first.

It will be interesting to understand how the two countries and their respective peoples will approach this event.

The Mexicans, moreover, are a certainty: passion and emotion, where the matches played will undoubtedly be a show even in the stands. On the other hand, there is a lot of interest about Canada, who made his national team debut at the World Cup in Qatar. From a sporting perspective, it is a rising state as evidenced by its debut or victory in a World Cup. Toronto Raptors Inside NBA 2020 marks the first win for a Canadian franchise in the world’s biggest basketball tournament.

Big differences

There will certainly be big differences between Qatar 2022 and United 2026. We will go from a deeply complex and very difficult reality of social and civil rights to a more liberal and capitalist state like the US (above all), Mexico and Canada. If so, it’s easy to wonder how FIFA will try to avoid the biggest controversy in recent months and what will likely go down as the most contested World Cup in history. Knowing America and its culture, the show can be as big as possible on and off the field. There is no doubt that we will witness the hopes of participating in the World Cup, which is always the focus of the media.

The logistics are also very different. If Gianni Infantino takes the luxury of watching every match of the tournament live (even the simultaneous ones, ed) in Qatar, there’s no way he’ll be able to do that in 2026. There are 4,782 kilometers between United 2026’s two most geographically intensive cities, Vancouver and Mexico City, which is five hours by plane and forty-eight hours by car. 2022 Qatar is a stark contrast to the 55km perimeter where all eight stadiums have fallen.

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Then it cannot be forgotten We return to the traditional summer controversy, However, to be honest, winter is not that traumatic, if we consider only the football aspect, we have to ignore the effects of national championships, cups etc.


Three and a half years after kick-off, United 2026 will be talked about more football than its predecessor and nothing else. The many – and justified – social protests seen at the Middle East event have removed the visibility of the world’s most beautiful sport, its champions, its rivalries. Argentina-France final, Leo Messi lifting the trophy, Morocco’s sprint, Japan, Senegal’s exploits, Germany and Belgium’s disappointment. The stories, emotions and images are truly destined to enter football history. Or, to get started with United 2026, Tel Football.

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