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Here’s what to know and which airlines are most at risk

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There is chaos at airports with thousands of flights canceled, putting many summer holiday travelers at risk. Here’s what happens and which airlines are most at risk of cancellations and delays.

Summer 2022 Airport Chaos: Flight Cancellations and Delays

More than 41,000 i Canceled flights In recent weeks at European airports. Of these, 7,000 were related to routes related to Italian airports. This is how they are at risk summer holidays For many European tourists the situation does not promise more rosy in the next few days.

AirstrikesDelays in baggage return and infection with the Covid virus are all factors that have caused delays and cancellations of flights. This situation has been analyzed by the company Mabrian TechnologiesSpecialized in tourist data processing. It is worth keeping this in mind when planning the next steps Summer Departure.

Airports and airlines most at risk

Among the airlines suffering the most and the largest number of canceled flights, according to a report by Mabrian Technologies easyJetWho goes to the black shirt. But the “top ten” also include Turkish Airlines, Wizz and Wizz UK, Air Europa, Vueling, Scandinavian Airlines, Tui Fly, United Airlines and Saudi Airlines.

The Airports Which showed the greatest difficulties are those of Paris Which saw 1 out of 5 flights cancelled SpainRyanair and EasyJet have seen delays on about 100 of their flights. at an airport London There were impressive queues of passengers at Heathrow on board forcing airlines to cancel 30 flights due to a lack of ground staff. The situation is also difficult at London airport Gatwick. Exceptional delays also at the airport Amsterdam SchipholWhile in Germany Lufthansa It has already canceled nearly 2,200 flights.

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