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News about 50% discounts

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The building rewards jigsaw, particularly in relation to the Superbonus, is now full of ups and downs that make the base always a must-discoverer. The last case is the case of unheated walls: the question is whether it is possible to get a 50% discount on such walls.

The Construction Bonuses They are always in constant change, due to the wide use of the facility among the population and also to the various sectors they include. there The new budget law It is aggressively involved in regulating these bonuses, setting in particular the descending rate of the Superbonus to 2025.

One wonders about the possibility of using Super Building Bonuses, in the same house, but in two different ways: both on heated walls and on unheated walls. Let’s delve into it.

Building Bonuses: Can two types be used at the same time?

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Let’s show the possibility of using two different types of Construction Bonuses In the same house, about heated walls and unheated walls. In detail, for Superbonus legislation, it is possible to use a discount of 110% for heated walls, and to implement energy improvement and rehabilitation interventions.

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What happens to unheated walls instead? One possibility is to use 50% renewal bonus Just to restore the building. Is it possible to use it? Let’s find out together.

Renovation Bonus: Can it be used for unheated walls?

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Let’s see now If the renovation bonus, at 50% off, can be used on the unheated walls of the building. The point is also that this can be used in In conjunction with Superbonus 110%, in the same house. The answer is provided directly by the 2020 legislation, which states:

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“If the interventions attributable to different facilitated states are carried out, the taxpayer will be able to benefit from both concessions provided that the expenditures relating to the two different interventions are calculated separately and that the procedures prescribed specifically in respect of each deduction are respected.”

Therefore, for all those who find themselves in a similar situation, it will be possible to use both Superbonus for heated walls and a restructuring bonus for unheated walls.

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