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Here’s how and when maple syrup is made in Canada

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It “reduces time”, that is Sugar time, Between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when temperatures begin to become less rigid. The sap begins to flow again in the trunks of the maple trees, and only then can you get the “you d’ruble”, i.e. maple water. When processed properly, it turns into syrup, “syrup d’erbal”, The most popular product in Quebec And across Canada. Temps des Sucre is the most anticipated moment, which will not last long. The average is a few weeks and varies from season to season, depending on the weather trend. Night temperatures still drop below zero, but during the day they already rise a few degrees. It is during this period – experts say – that the juice is bitter, with balanced minerals, suitable for conversion into quality syrup. It has a lighter color in the first weeks of harvest, then darkens and caramelizes in the next period.

Maple water is collected in buckets, which, when processed, turn into syrup (Pixabay)

Craftsmen carefully follow the evolution of temperature and experience suggests the most appropriate time to drill holes in the tree trunks and insert the spit that ends up in the sap exit and collection bucket. Falling drops are the first sign of nature Wakes up after a long Canadian winter And thousands of people from Ville de Québec and Montreal are waiting these days to celebrate the new maple syrup at their production locations “cabanes à sucres”. Great food, with a tradition of being celebrated with music and music The ritual finale is “Soots on the snow”: Boiling maple syrup is poured outside on long wooden counters where ice is placed. After a few minutes, the syrup will freeze, and the fun is in taking it with a stick and enjoying your own lollipop.

Lollipop made with ice cream syrup with “Tire Sur La Niez” (arDario Bragaglia)

One of the first to understand that Levels of maple syrup production They can become An experience to share With the public, forty years ago, on an hour’s voyage from Montreal, in Mont Ricard, Pierre Foucher, was its owner. Mountain candy. Now 75, Bear is an unforgettable character. Majestic physique, dark white beard, Jack looks straight from London’s sides. As a young man, after packing around the world, he returned to Canada and settled in Mont Ricard, where a family had been making syrup for two centuries. As a guest at the Salon del Gusto edition many years ago he said, “I loved living in the middle of the jungle and learning a traditional trade.

A pancake that came from the United States and drove the Italians crazy

Edited by Anna Veneruso

To feel like real explorers, at least one night, you can stay in the woods in houses made of logs, bean soups, bacon, Orille de Chrissே (fried pork fat), tortillas (meat and potato pie), Muse meatballs, the inevitable pancakes or traditional kafras. All with homemade bread and plenty of maple syrup. What Pierre wanted to keep in the Sucrerie de la montagne was the traditional production style. If you tour the estate in a horse-drawn carriage, you will find buckets attached to the trees, after manually drilling holes in the trunks. The conversion of the juice into syrup still takes place by evaporation in a wood-burning boiler. It must be achieved because it is a training that requires considerable skill Proper sugar content, about 66-67%, Starting from maple water with a concentration of 3-5%. Forty liters to make a liter of syrup. If the sugar percentage is low, the product may deteriorate and if it is high it will become crystalline.

Jessica Rosewall, Chef of the Year: “I jumped on Italian food without a parachute”

By Eleonora Cosella

Today about 70% of world production comes from the province of Quebec and many of them 6700 active companies They use modern technologies. The juice is collected through plastic tubes by suction pumps and the sugar concentration phase takes place in electronic control evaporators.

Syrup (in barrels) is collected from tree to tree on horseback (Mathieu Dupuis)

Get a good experience Apple hut, A farm east of Montreal. Guests participate directly eau d’érable collection Then follow the boiling process in the chaudiere. In winter, trails covered with snow foot or snowholes are found, while chef and owner Sylvain Mercier serves food with farm-grown ingredients: legumes, apples, honey, maple syrup.

The Acer domain, On the other side of the St. Lawrence River in the Pass-Saint-Laurent area, helps to discover a new interpretation of alcoholic syrup. Since the 1990s, Robert Valier has experimented with the fermentation of Quebec’s iconic product, following the example he saw made with honey and blueberries. Today he gets it Four types of “wine”, Baptized “Les Aces”: white, sparkling wine, aperitif and digestion. In the guided itinerary for the actual environment, a walk through the farmland, a visit to the aging cellars and Kabane a Sukre, where the production methods and various possibilities for using the syrup are explained.

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