September 30, 2023

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“I Live for You”, the award-winning Caserta film in Canada

“I Live for You” was a hit in Canada. After the special mention of “Best Women Short Film in India”, a short film on gaslighting Rita Rousseau, Written with Claudio Lombardi e Paulo Massarella And directed Catano Ipolitto, Won the “Best Sound & Music” award at the Black & White Film Festival in Toronto. Audience Reactions, “Fantastic Movie”, “Best Creative”, “Intelligence”, Collected from the Wild Sound site (, Improving various aspects of the work: an important recognition to Caserta’s Paula Collective and team, which completes an extraordinary 2021. The film’s translators, as well as Rousseau, played the role of Gaslighter. Pepe Romano. Tamiano Jericho signed the photo, shooting and editing Luigi Nappa, Original music Mauro Flardo, Sound of Fabio Sorrentino. The unexpected success of “I live for you” proves that there is no simple interest in psychological violence, but no real focus. Manipulation and psychological abuse in personal relationships is a definite risk beyond gender, social class and cultural status. Victims “, the authors declare.

Gaslighting and Psychological Violence

There are forms of violence that do not result in aggression and do not involve physical contact. They are insidious, insidious forms, with long silences and hurtful, punching and subtle words; It degrades the psyche, to the extent that it triggers the victim to feel “wrong” and all protection falls within himself and those around him. Gaslighting is one of them, and it is a gross violation of human rights. It is manifested by insidious and constant mental manipulation; It can manifest itself in an emotional, emotional or professional relationship: it is not gender-based violence, but women are the most vulnerable. There is not yet a complete legal definition and regulatory provision prohibiting the conduct of abusers in Italy or elsewhere. Furthermore, the difficulty in identifying the victim himself and the health, community and police operators make it difficult to design, support, and, among other things, secondary retaliation, with authorities to find the exact dimensions of the event. Information; To the extent that we often talk about an “obscure figure”. The ambitious goal of contributing to the creation of that culture of knowledge, such as freeing victims from their unconsciousness and qualifying and strengthening the assistance network, prompted Rita Rousseau, Claudio Lombardi and Pavlo Masserella to write a script. All stages of mental abuse created by gaslighting are the language of cinema.

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Independent production, work already under construction, has the moral support of the leadership of the Campania Regional Council, the Monitoring of Violence against Women in the Campania Region, and the Council for the Status of Women in the Campania Region. , Calabria Region, Providence of Caserta and the Municipalities of Caserta and Cabotrice Commission on Equal Rights and Equal Opportunity for Men and Women.