Home World Here is the hoax of the “butcher” Kadyrov, the Chechen leader is not in Kiev- Corriere.it

Here is the hoax of the “butcher” Kadyrov, the Chechen leader is not in Kiev- Corriere.it

Here is the hoax of the “butcher” Kadyrov, the Chechen leader is not in Kiev- Corriere.it
to Guido Olympio

He said he was in Ukraine but in Grozny in his own country. Assurances on Syrian volunteers. In the recruitment, the influential people in Damascus participated

Monday Ramzan Kadyrov A video has been released claiming it was recorded north of Kyiv. In fact he was wearing a military uniform and surrounded by his men’s helmet. Yesterday, he reappeared in his capital, where he received the visit of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev
. The double appearance made us think of a hoax, as the Chechen dictator was eager to show off by thinking he was on the front lines. Or there was already, perhaps on a different date. The leader is a man of surprises, accustomed to theatrical gestures. Flights are not always welcome in Moscow. Indeed, according to expert Kamil Galeev, all this public activity upset his Moscow customers. Even if they needed his soldiers. Employees need items that play the role of guardians. When Putin He sent the battalion to rescue the lion and later participated in the units of the tyrant. Who carried out the mission of the military police, and they patrolled villages and cities in the Arab countries. A role related to past experiences. A Caucasian version of the Wagner Security Company, mobilized in Syria, Libya and the African theater. At the same time, nearly 10,000 Chechens deployed are useful for integrating a device that lacks elements.

The other task

Then there is the possibility that the militiamen will turn themselves into disciplinary companies to bring vulnerabilities and defectors back into the ranks. simple premise. Perhaps what is confirmed by the episodes, where the soldiers abandoned their vehicles without firing a shot. Or amplified by war propaganda. Which Kadyrov’s men also took part in: he wrote that his officers, on the eve of this, would have had doubts about the motives of some departments, unwilling to shoot at the enemy. The news of the visit (true or false) to Ukrainian territory may also represent a measure to motivate the units after the killing of several henchmen.


From Chechnya we pass to Syrians who will be employed in large numbers, with some hundreds already reaching the border with the Donbass River. to do what? Here, too, we have options: a) Some have argued that they would not be a good fit and that their participation would be counterproductive. b) Others warn: they are not sufficiently prepared to confront the Ukrainians. c) In the end Moscow will have to use it because it cannot do without it if it wants to protect large parts of the territory. Many analysts expect this. On the cynical note: the possible losses will have little effect on Russian public opinion. Those with influence in Damascus will participate in the process. Among them are the leaders of the Al-Bustan militia set up by Rami Makhlouf. Bashar al-Assad’s cousin. A billionaire who lost favor in the eyes of the head, maintained relations with the Russians. The stipend offered to volunteers is about a thousand dollars a month for a minimum of seven, which is an important sum for someone who lives in a stricken country. The other recruit is Hussam Katerji, an active figure in the Deir Ezzor region. But we need feedback. Constant conflict, information can be a leak.

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