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The new alVolante edition is on newsstands

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Alpha from Relaunch – Who’s new Alfa Romeo Tonali Much of the future of the Biscione house passes. We analyzed it under “X” rays, Test it on the road and on the trackNote (with our testers) the performance and consumption of the 160 HP 1.5 Hybrid version. Find everything in the new version of at the wheel. This month, our “test center” (and its tools) also got another spearhead for the Stellantis group, Maserati MC20It’s powered by a 630-horsepower Neptune engine and brushed carbon-fiber construction, on the sixth generation Opel Astra, and the last in a 131-hp turbocharged petrol version. But there’s also room for a diesel-powered hybrid luxury sedan, the Mercedes C 300 d, and for a fun-to-drive small crossover, the Volkswagen Taigo 1.0 TSI.

a lot of news – In addition to Template calendar Coming to dealerships in the coming months, at alVolante in July 2022 you can find first driving impressions of the new 1.5 Hybrid versions of the Fiat 500X and Tipo Station Wagon, as well as the adrenaline-fueled but “reaching” sports car Toyota GR86 and two new hybrids. High-wheel. This is Kia Niro Cross, completely renovated, brand new Mazda CX-60, the last of which is rechargeable from the socket. On the other hand, the original and cool XEV Yoyo microcar, which can also be driven by sixteen-year-olds, is just fine.

current and saving – And if there is an existing car in your plans, it will be used Buying guide for at the wheel You will discover the most interesting offers for Sixteen models, from Dacia Spring to Fiat Nuova 500, from Peugeot e-2008 to Volkswagen ID.3. Adding it to the incentives just funded by the government, it becomes affordable for everyone to buy it. Speaking of money: With our field survey, we tell you how much you spend and how long it takes to get a driver’s license B in fifteen Italian provinces.

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Distance to Brio – L’dream car From the July issue of at the wheel Here’s the Porsche 718 Cayman 4.0 GT4 RS: Also rated for road use, it can’t wait to unleash its 500 horsepower on the track. Brace yourselves… Still talking about sprints, we rated the cars that stood out in our tests at “0-100”: in this case, it’s not sports cars, but everyday cars, that make vitality a weapon for safety, for example in overtaking. . It is no coincidence that we also checked those that stop in less space, always 100 km / h.

by your side – As usual, there is no shortage of information in the magazine on newsstands How to win the appeal: This month we suggest you what to do if a non-calibrated speed camera “gives you” a fine for speeding. There are also no automatically raised handicap penalties by Ztl cameras which, by mistake, do not detect the lane behind the windshield. We’re also with you in challenging auto manufacturers for defects in your vehicles under warranty, and urging them to resolve them: seven cases examined in the July issue of alVolante. Don’t miss the tips to stay away from deceptive Rca policies and buy a used car with the least amount of worry, thanks to the guaranteed control campaigns directly by the various brands.

good buy Spending your money in the best possible way, especially these days, is essential. Among the 740 cars a Zero kilometer Which we have indicated this month, there are some discounts from 10% to 37%. Also take a look at Eurota Quotesx for 2,000 models (they are useful whether you want to sell a used car or if you want to buy one), while if you want a new car, there are 7,362 models shown in alVolante’s price list, with photos, reviews, suggestions and all option prices.

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