Home Top News Helly Hansen, Canada Goose, Under Armor and Puma are closing their stores in Russia

Helly Hansen, Canada Goose, Under Armor and Puma are closing their stores in Russia

Helly Hansen, Canada Goose, Under Armor and Puma are closing their stores in Russia

Related effectsRussian attack Against Ukraine and many companies are taking action by choosing to close their own stores Heli Hansen, Canada Duck, Under the shield And Puma.

These companies were preceded by other major multinationals such as Nike, Netflix, Apple, Lego and IKEA.

According to the SGP media report Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) announced on Friday, March 4 that he would be suspended Activities of Helly Hansen In Russia, it includes its retail stores, e-commerce platform and product exports. The brand manages 41 points sale And employs More than 300 people In Russia.

“The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is tragic and deep, and the CTC’s priority will continue to be to protect the safety and well – being of its employees.CDC

Canada Tire Company is doing the same $ 200,000 donation to the Red Cross against the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The company also promises $ 500,000 in support of thousands of Ukrainian refugees It will come to Canada. In addition, CTC outlets across the country will be collecting donations for the Red Cross’s appeal against the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Further Canada Duck He moved in this direction and announced on March 2ndConducts all wholesale and e-commerce sales in Russia. Throughout Canada Duck Response ProjectThe brand also stands out $ 100,000 CAD donation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)It leads global humanitarian efforts in the region.

The company said in a statement:Goose of Canada is deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. We are with all those affected by the violence. We support humanitarian efforts, assist in resolving the refugee crisis and take further steps to assist. “.

“Like the rest of the world, we are shocked and saddened by Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. In Under Armor, one of our values ​​is the position for equality. We believe in the power of democracy, the team game and so on. We work with humanitarian teams to provide what is needed for the displaced, and we have stopped all exports on our sales channels in Russia. We are proud to stand with Ukraine against Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s democracy, and to do all we can as a global body important to safeguarding equality. KThese words Under the shield This confirmed the suspension of exports to Russia.

Further Puma Of all the stores in Russia, more than 100 stores ceased operations; He had already stopped supplies after the invasion of Ukraine.

“Less than four percent of the German sportswear company’s revenue came from Russia.”He told the AFP Puma’s spokesmanWith a global figure of 6. 6.8 billion ($ 7.4 billion) in 2021. “Puma will continue to pay the full salaries of our employees in more than 100 stores across the country”The speaker said.

Adidas, On March 1, announced Suspension of its partnership with the Russian Football Association with immediate effectJoins FIFA and UEFA, suspending Russian clubs and national teams from all matches until further notice.


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