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Important weeks for the future of Italian football: this is how the league is ready to design a path to reopen at the entrance to the chests. But not everyone in the Italian league agrees with this project

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Born in Florence on May 5, 1985, he is a reporter for Tuttomercatoweb. At RAI with 90° Minuto and Calcio Total, he collaborated with Radio Rai, was a speaker for Radio Sportiva and signed by Il Messaggero.

The future of Italian football, which is preparing to experience the World Cup as a spectator, could still pass through the United States. And not for the sake of the project that was born in Mondialito, grew up and then aborted: many clubs were against it and many presidents did not implement the project and both hypotheses ended. Orlando, in what was once the NBA bubble, and the road to Qatar are among the possibilities championed by Aurelio De Laurentiis. During the World Cup, had it not been for Italy, it would have been a double setback: the first division’s intention was to expand the project on a commercial level, in a market where other leagues are already integrated and profitable realities at the level. From TV revenue and direct sponsorship. All wreck.

The money is back
So the money comes back and they do it because fears of approaching tax deadlines make more than one club shiver. The eyes of Italian football are on the upcoming elections and what will be the government’s moves that will come towards the ball in the hope that there will be a delay in payments. Lorenzo Cassini, the top seed in Italian football, turns his gaze to the entrance to the boxes, a premise that was beaten by the ball some time ago. Because, having abandoned the project, you, on the other hand, did not have an equally tangible and profitable project. For many, selling oneself to the fund is seen as an out-of-the-box sale, thinking at once without thinking about perspective. At any price? But at what risk?

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Television and media company rights
At the assembly, on September 28, the association will talk about the opening of the New York office but at the center there will also be guidelines for audiovisual rights for the triennium 2024-2027. One of the issues that will be pivotal will not only be the relocation of Italian football and the transfer of rights in Italy but also those that will be rights abroad. A topic that Casini and the entire university want to make central to expanding the product abroad. So at the heart of the discussion is also creating a media company that will be able to handle this, and then also with the possibility of getting into the money league to take over a (double-digit?) ratio of the league. But watch out for those who disagree, from Lotito to De Laurentiis, even at that time they were against CVC’s entry into Italian football. But it is not excluded, if discussions continue, that the parties will find an intermediate way of understanding. To try to move football beyond our borders, albeit with more economic logic than long-term planning, open up to the money. Or at least try with a more solid economic base that allows our balloon not to meet deadlines with pen on paper that trembles.

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