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Hector Magul, the Mexican hockey player who wants to light Varese’s fire

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He doesn’t know (at the moment) Manuel Raja and we don’t ask him much. but hector majole, A Mexican from the capital, he does not want to be a meteorite of Varese’s sport, on the contrary, he feels like a meteorite. His country’s ambassador Ice hockey is definitely not one of the most practiced disciplines. However, Mastini’s new foreign striker has grown into a handful Dozens of meters from Mexico City’s only ice rink And – classic – by accompanying his sister to skateboard, he discovered hockey.

So fun At just 14 years old, she had a “job.” Because Magul left home from Teenager to reach the USA And cultivate the dream together with your friend Auston Matthews, now an NHL star With the Toronto Maple Leafs. “Thanks to our coach at that time, Ukrainian Boris Doroshenko, I took this path: I competed in all youth categories in the United States, and this then helped me become a player for Europe as well. And today they are Proud to carry the Mexican flag “Here too and continue wearing my national team shirt.”

“we’ve got He always respected Hector as an opponent As a person, he also showed his validity in the negotiations to come to Varese – they explain President Carlo Pino and General Manager Matteo Malfatti – It was linked to Dobbiaco and therefore, after scouting it in the summer and a month ago, we moved on to other profiles. Then this road was reopened and here we are Glad he came to the Mastiff Because he does not have a star attitude, on the contrary, he is a person who has values ​​even off the field.”

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Punitive training – Magul found himself doing his first training session the day after the derby defeat to Como. “Let’s say it Were welcomed with just a 50 minute skating session It was difficult – he laughs – but now I’m part of the team and it’s true. I certainly couldn’t unsubscribe. But now it’s game time and on Saturday I’ll be on the pitch with Fiemme: When you enter a context that is already formed, you have to… Bring your own qualities but do not impose. I can give an example to young people in the little things and in the style of play, as I focus on giving 100% instantly On the field to score goals. And win the match.”

Hector Magul

Magol between Matteo Malfatti and Carlo Pino

Pressure, I’m not afraid of you – As an opponent, the new yellow and black was able to attract attention and “hit” Varese’s defense as well. «In Como, the derby was honest And also because Varese was always a strong competitor: we considered it an “all or nothing” match and we were proud to score against the Mastini defence. Same thing in Dobbiaco: There wasn’t any regional competition but Varese is still the team to beat and it was good to be there Considered a “thorn in the side” (The expression in English is much more colorful.) than the leaders. In general anyway I like to play under pressure, I know how to manage this situation and you know very well how warm the crowd is at the Acinque Ice Arena.”

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the match – After two consecutive knockouts, with Bergin and Cuomo, Mastini’s team achieved an immediate victory Need to win again. The alternate opponent (Saturday, 6:30 p.m.) is valdiviemi, They were beaten in midweek by Linci (2-3) but only in extra time. Looks like the Trentino family is here now Cut from the main round But they are teams Easily able to play in the playoffs: In short, they are not the most malleable competitor, especially in a moment of stagnation like the one Vanetti and his teammates are experiencing.

Czarnecki will get Almost a full team With another Majul: So far the Mexican has scored 20 points with the Icebears but he wants to start “grinding” the numbers also in yellow and black. Fabio Lotaroli “the usual” and one referee A novelty for women, Melissa Poverio: A pink apostrophe between the words hockey and ice.

International humanitarian law (Day 20)

Plan: Varese – Valdiviemi (6:30 p.m.); Berghain – Appiano (6.45pm); Filter – Dobbiaco; Caldaro – Como (7:30 p.m.); Valpelles – Alleghe (8.30pm). Comfort: Bergen.
classification: Caldaro* 45; Bergen 40; Varese, Appiano 35; Attachments 30; Filter 28; Como, Valdiviemi 21; Bressanone* 14; Dobbiaco* 9; Valbelis 7.
* Play again.

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