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Mancini, in 8 months I burned everything. Gravina, a lot of politics and a little football. The national team is a synthesis of disasters from the ground up

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Thanks Mancio, because in June and July you gave new enthusiasm to the whole country after the lockdowns had stagnated. Thank you, because in his style he never made the federation weigh that this Italian football is dead. Thanks, for never even screaming when you could. However, the blessings end and we have to look reality in the face. As we’ve always said, from September to today, there’s only one thing that can make a winning European pass last, and it even causes it to be scrapped on the motherboard. Do not qualify for the World Cup. Hence, the law is the same for everyone. Mancini has excellent pressure and that honestly shouldn’t affect him. Enough with children and stepchildren. Enough with friends of friends. If at Ventura we stripped our skin to the shame that made us try, Mancini would have done worse in a simpler way. Questions, from zero to zero, at the press conference are not acceptable. Football is merit. This is a sport. Get the results and get the acclaim, you lose out to make yourself crazy you have to pay. You cannot stay on this seat. You can’t keep doing your job just because criticism doesn’t shock you in the media. Don’t tell us about Mancini’s records in matches won or drawn in a row. Tell those who don’t live off football these tales. Games that are often useless with an opponent are often ridiculous. This record is worth nothing. For Mancini, only that magical month of the European Championship is true, as the whole of Italy has benefited from the infamous professional fortune that has always accompanied Mancio. The rest is a clean slate. This team was ridiculous before the European Championship and confirmed that it was ridiculous after the European Championship. The CT recall was, as we have always emphasized, the result of confusion. He summoned the 300 Azzurri, put the blue on the first Brazilian who happened to be, called Balotelli for a training stint at a defining moment in our history, and created nothing but confusion and chatter. Gravina, with a bit of logic, talks about young people, Italians, and foreigners and sheds mud on the clubs and the League. But what are we talking about when we have counter evidence that a strong young Italian, in attack, is rivaled by Inter and Milan, and Mancini does not even invite him to count on a Brazilian like Joao Pedro who is not even the number one striker for the last World Cup attack? Do you have Scamca, the Italian ’99, take Joao Pedro off the bench? With this move, all of Gravina’s letters explode in smoke. We lost the World Cup because of the penalty shootout from the Brazilian. His line is still intact but our staying home for those missed penalties is a reality. For those who want to start with the ethic of racism and Indigenous people, I won’t leave you until you’re done talking. There is no racism at all. Even Italians shouldn’t play for Brazil or Argentina. One thing is that you have foreign parents, you were born and raised in Italy, you are Italian, but if you were born in 1992, you were born and raised and you wore the Brazil shirt in the youth teams, you cannot become Italian for being married to an Italian. And because Mancini wears the blue shirt in the first shirt happens. If I marry a Colombian, sorry, but in 5 years I don’t think I’ve become Colombian. Mancini, with his choices, killed the value of the national team. Let’s not complain if we wipe out a generation. In Italy we live on football and there are children who have not seen the World Cup for years and years, and there are people who unfortunately, because of their age, will not witness the World Cup in Italy. 12 years, we hope, is not acceptable. And as 2018 pushed, today they can’t all end up in the cavalry in 2022 just because the Roman powers have excellent press. I consider Gravina a great businessman, friend in football, I have always had great relationships and we talk to each other …. but this time he has no excuse. Italy out of the World Cup does not even have a justification for the European Championship won. Gravina makes the big mistake of getting involved in too much politics and too little football. The war against Agnelli, the war against Lotito over Salernitana, the futile notion of the Serie A qualifiers, the futile marketing battle of trying to launch women’s football that no one watches except the World Cup for two weeks and forgets. It is a national team that was moving away. Now he defends Mancini but the coach is untenable. Thank you should be said but goodbye should be added. Gravina has major faults in this union failure. The president comes from a serie C league, left to die over the years with an economic system that doesn’t hold up. Talk about fixes but the simplest thing never happened. Leave A and B to 20 teams, bring C to 40 teams, with two groups of 20 and reduce Series D by at least two groups. It is enough to let the youth play, in the lower categories, just because they wrote 2003 – on the ID card 2004. It is enough to see the coaches on the bench with the calculator to earn minutes and take money just because they play youth (poor). These are the silly things about the system. If we want to put a cap on foreigners in the youth sectors, let’s do that but then let’s really invest in the core activity that has been abandoned for some time. Enough for aliens with a blue shirt. Italy will not go to the World Cup, and even this sacrifice will not lead to a turning point. Because you know what’s gonna change after that idiot that night in Palermo? no thing! It is important to associate with benches and desks and to think of the interests of individuals rather than the interests of the system.

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