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Spotlight on women’s football

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DAZN celebrates Women’s Month: spotlighting women’s football

During March The Spotlight to dazn they will be bet on Women’s football to celebrate Women’s monthwith a full calendar of events that will culminate in the return of the UEFA Women’s Champions League from March 22nd. “For DAZN, women’s football is a passion, determination and attraction: ensuring that it is more visible and more popular is one of the brand’s missions” we read in press release official. So DAZN Women’s Month begins with matches from Serie A and Coppa Italia, available on the platform on the Club of Inter, Juventus and Milan channels, and the UEFA Women’s Champions League, exclusively on DAZN and YouTube. The appointments will continue in March with a series of on-demand content and ideas that will make space for the talents of female Italian football champions.”

there Match List Available on DAZN in March:

  • March 5 14:30: Juventus – Roma (Italian League – Juventus TV).
  • March 6 14:30: Milan – Napoli (Italian League – Milan TV).
  • March 12 14:30: AC Milan – Juventus (Italy Cup – Juventus and AC Milan channel).
  • March 19 14:30: Rome – Milan (Italian League – Milan TV).
  • March 22, 21:00: Real Madrid-Barcelona (UWCL).
  • March 23, 6.45 pm: Juventus Lyon (UWCL).
  • March 27 13:30: Juventus-Inter (Italian Serie A – Inter and Juventus channel).
  • March 27 13:30: AC Milan-Fiorentina (Italian Serie A – Milan TV).
  • March 30, 6.45 pm: Barcelona-Real Madrid (UWCL).
  • March 31, 21:00: Lyon-Juventus (UWCL).

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