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Futsal, Italian League: After the 28th day, 6 of them qualify for the playoffs

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Round 28 of the 2022-2023 Italian Five-a-Line Regular Season has been archived. An intense shift in the middle of the week, which gave pathos and various certainties, such as the fact that for example There are six teams that are certain to enter the playoffs.

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Avalanche wins for Napoli, 1-9 at home city of Melile, San Giuseppe and Italservice Pesaro, Both are able to establish themselves 2-7 away from home, respectively on the courts of Sandro Abate – in the Campania derby – and Petrarch.

internal confirmations, of a narrower scale, which instead amounted to: 360GG Monastir, 5-3 on Came Dosson, L846-5 in Ciampino Aniene, Futsal Pescara3-2 at Fortitudo Pomezia, Felde Eboli 5-3 at New Comauto Pistoia, and finally, in the postponement of April 26, 2-1 with which Olympus Rome settled Meta Catania.

By virtue of the results achieved: Napoli (59), Felde Eboli (55), Olympus Roma (54), Futsal Pescara (53), Sandro Abate (47) and Cam Doson (47) They definitively separated the championship playoff pass.

Two days from the end of the regular season they remain 2 more places to allocate, with 4 teams fighting: L84 (45), very close to the target, Fortitudo Pomezia (40), currently 8th, then Real San Giuseppe (40) and Meta Catania (39), affixed to the Capitol.

The next round, the 29th, will take place in its entirety on April 30th.

Photo: Futsal Division

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