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“He has a monstrous plan.” But sanctions are leaving their mark in Moscow

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glass war at Ukraine and measure the temperature directly a fliesBy the Kaiser is the Austrian chancellor, Karl NahammerIn a 75-minute meeting with the Russian leader, put it in, in Novo Ogaryovo, the presidential residence on the outskirts of the capital. “An open, direct and above all difficult confrontation,” the Austrian finally outlines. “Putin does not trust society and international law. A brutal and massive offensive is being prepared “in eastern and southern Ukraine.

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The tsar destroys the West

The meeting, the first in Moscow for a head of government from the European Union, does not help resolve one of Putin’s certainties regarding what Moscow insists is a “special military operation”. As for the crimes committed in Bucha or the Kromatorsk station, they were the subject of a “serious discussion”, in which Putin once again expressed the position confirmed yesterday by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “heinous provocations and gradualism of the Ukrainians”.

Human corridors

Finally, Nehamer would emphasize with Putin the urgent need to create humanitarian corridors to supply the besieged cities with drinking water and food, and to rescue women, children and the wounded: “As long as civilians continue to die, sanctions will continue and, indeed, intensify.” The Austrian leader then told European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that “a direct confrontation with the Russian president” is important. One positive note: Putin will still have “confidence in the Istanbul trial as the only possible form of confrontation between Russians and Ukrainians.” But Lavrov warned that Moscow would not suspend military operations either before or during the next round of negotiations, because at first, he said, Russia was in favor of a ceasefire but the Ukrainians “did not show any desire to respond in kind.” It will do so only when there is a concrete document agreed upon as the basis for the summit between Putin himself and Ukrainian leader Zelensky.

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position how

On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister, Olga Stevanishina, defined the red line in the Kyiv negotiations: “Security guarantees should be the starting point, and in any case broader, there is no way to reach an agreement if our territorial integrity is affected. And sovereignty on the borders of independent Ukraine in 1991 year”. If anything, one can imagine “options” regarding the two breakaway republics of Donbass, but the indication of the course will in any case be “developments of the battle on the field”. Another novelty yesterday is that in light of Putin’s stubbornness and the aggressiveness of the Russians, Germany is taking another step towards overcoming the policy of non-military assistance to countries at war. “Ukraine needs more support, and above all heavy weapons,” says German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbock. “It is not a time for excuses and excuses, but rather a time for creativity and pragmatism.” A clear confirmation, which is a prelude to the possibility that Berlin will also supply Kyiv with tanks.

joint decisions

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz clarified that each decision will be taken “in close cooperation with the friendly countries with which we are consulting, and there will be no individual action, but only and always joint and logical measures.” Europeans became convinced that sanctions alone would not be able to bring Putin to the peace table, even if it was announced yesterday, for example, that state railways, Russian Railways, had failed to pay bond interest because of the sanctions. . An attempt to pay the voucher last month failed. It would be Russia’s first default on its international debt in more than a century. The High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, is very harsh: “The Russian war machine will be the same today, tomorrow and next week, whether the gas is cut off or not, it will move like a steamship.” That is why we should focus on sending weapons, and yesterday it was decided the third funding in the amount of 500 million from the allocated union.

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