June 7, 2023

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Jesse Kouse, the blogger and his dog who died in the accident with the Beetle: They traveled from Brazil to Alaska

A dream turns into a tragedy: It happened in Salma, Balad Oregon. Jesse Cusa well-known blogger is 29 years old Die In a scary car accident with an affair shurasti dog. The ultimate goal was to get to Alaska from Brazil, after traveling with his four-legged friend and fellow 1978 Volkswagen Beetle to 19 different countries. The trip has been immortalized on Facebook with a long series of photos, which are now parts of a tragic journey.

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But when he reached Salma, he had incident deadly. His car collided from the front with another car carrying a woman who was taken to hospital and a child who was unharmed.

Cuz had started traveling in 2017 and opened an Instagram page to share his adventure: so far more than 300,000 people have followed him. Many shared their grief over his untimely death, along with that of his beloved Golden Retriever, on the social network.

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