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‘He can’t play football’

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After the three goals in the Derby Al Manchester UnitedAnd the Erling Haaland He once again proved to be one of the strongest strikers in the world. By doing so, show a Antonio Cassano From what it is made of despite the prophetic criticism previously received by the former player.

Cassano vs Haaland

Antonio Cassano He again resumed his words. The now ex-football player is not new to data that gets people debating, but this time he seems to have caught a silly crab. According to him, in fact, Erling Haalandattacker ManchesterHe can’t play football“.

These words belong to Wild Bunch Podcastled Fidez, Louise Sal and Martin Sal. In fact, according to the previous talent of Old Barry The Norwegian striker is a great goalscorer but he is not as smart from a football point of view as another great striker like Benzema and Lewandowski.

Of course, however, judging by the performance, it will not look like that at all. Furthermore, Cassano himself mentioned in the aforementioned podcast episode that after watching a community shieldEnglish Super Cup, played between City and Liverpool Last July, won by the Reds, she had already predicted that Haaland would not be able to play football, but we see how it goes.

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Haaland numbers

Needless to say, Erling Haaland does something amazing in it Premier LeagueThe toughest tournament in the world. The Norwegian, in fact, after his first boring game at Community Shield where he ate a goal in an empty net, started scoring heaps of goals.

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Former midfielder of Borussia Dortmund In fact, he scored goals in all but one of the Premier League matches he won Bournemouth 4-0 from his city. also in Champions LeagueThen put other signatures on the registration sheet, up to 3 signatures in the first two days.

Obviously we’re having great numbers, Haaland followed up too Manchester derbyBeen completed 6-3 against city rivals united. Already in the first half, along with Phil FodenThe Norwegian scored two goals to go into the second half 4-0. Then, in the second half of the match, he set up another player to take the ball into the net, to share it with the aforementioned Foden, who also scored three goals.

Cassano’s other bumps

Another excursion of the last days by Cassano related to Naples Scudettowho went through Diego Armando Maradona. According to the previous Rome and SampdoriaIn fact, Pibe de Oro won the championship on his own 1986-1987with next to run away from home.

Someone who played and won that tournament didn’t respond for long May 10, 1987that’s by saying Cerro Ferrara. Former player of Naples and JuventusIn fact, Cassano defined it as phenomenon He can only speak, captain Proscolote Increase the dose.

According to the previous blue, in fact, the pugliese columnist can speak more Vision From really thinking about the things he says. Therefore, according to Proscolotti, he should not give Cassano weight given the subject matter he represents.

Other Controversial Concerns Gabriel Omar Batistuta. He was one of the greatest strikers of the ’90s, and he was able to make you dream Florence and Fiorentina On the sound of the targets, causing her to get close to the Scudetto and then not reach precisely because of one of her targets infection.

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The Argentine shared that with Cassano Closed rooms to Rome, but the latter does not have a great memory of her. In fact, according to Paulian of Barry Vecchia, Batistuta was the type arrogant So he behaved with everyone a Trigoriaeven put the coffee in the company’s account.

According to the previous viola, he and his wife had opened the doors of their house in Cassano when he arrived in the capital, where he was stunned From moving on to a great team. However, despite the imprint of football on his person, this did not help him grow for Batistuta, in fact according to his ex Milan and Inter missed an opportunity.

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