December 8, 2023

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Beau and Amedeo nominate Pescara in their new movie ‘Billy Chow’

Bio and audio They mention our city in their new movie “Belli ciao” which will be shown on January 1st. In one scene, in fact, while the two comedians Foggia are on their way to Milan, they ask each other: “Is this your first time in the North?” , and his companion replies: “No, I have already ascended once. In Pescara!” On the other hand, the link between Foggia and Abruzzo is well known, with many inferior students often choosing the Adriatic capital as the destination for their studies. Ironically, Pew and Amedeo wanted to honor all of this.

Hello BeautifulSees the artists return to theaters after 7 years. It will be directed by Gennaro Nunziant, who directed Checco Zalone’s first feature-length film. The cast also includes Lorena Cacciator, Rosa Dellita Rossi, Nicasio Catanese and Giorgio Colangeli. It is produced by Fremantle Italy and distributed by Vision.

“At this very moment – explained Pio and Amedeo on social networks – our temporary task is always and only to: distract you and have some fun … We teamed up with Gennaro Nunziante, we found a friend and a director, and this is where this story was born, honest, honest and even a bit of a biography … It’s a story for many, it’s a story for everyone and we’re sure you’ll love it. Gummy candy spoils even the retina. Eyes.”

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