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Municipality of Naples – Tournament “Let’s kick the camorra”

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On December 17, 2022 at 9:30, in the presence of the Sports and Equal Opportunities Councilor Emanuela Ferrante and the Municipal and Legal Police Councilor Antonio de Esso, it will take place in the square of the parish of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes. and Santa Bernadetta di Ponticelli, starring “Let’s kick the Camorra”.

The Renato Caciopoli Cultural Association, operating in the eastern region of the city of Naples, in collaboration with the churches of the Pietà Virgine di Lourdes and Santa Bernadetta and the churches of San Francesco and Santa Chiara dei Ponticelli, promotes and organizes the event in the spirit of the educational charter promoted by Archbishop Battaglia of the Ponticelli, Socavo and Forcella events that took place On it is the Church of San Francesco. The following teams will participate in the day sponsored by the Municipality of Naples:

– Representation of sports flame watches for the state police team
– representation of the City Council of Naples;
– representation of the VI Municipal Council of Naples;
– Youth representatives in the AC of the churches of Beata Vergine di Lourdes and Santa Bernadetta, the church of San Francesco and Santa Chiara di Ponticelli.

Ass on this occasion. Caccioppoli will present two certificates of appreciation and gratitude to:

– Christian Barlatti – Athlete Fiam Oro, Vice World Judo Champion;
– Antonio Mattone – morning journalist and activist in the fight against mafias.

This initiative aims to be the first in a series of sports initiatives, in the spirit of the aforementioned educational charter, in which local religious associations, bodies and institutions meet and form together a “team in the field of legitimacy”.

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“I am deeply convinced that the practice of sport is an essential and effective means of channeling the energies of younger generations towards the ethical values ​​of commitment, sacrifice and discipline, on which the fundamental principles of sport are based.He declared Municipal and Legal Police Adviser, Antonio D’Esso.

“I am particularly happy to take part in this event, because I believe that all the initiatives that bring together the most diverse actors, from foundations to associations, to citizens, are very important and significant, in the face of this scourge that even today still cannot be eradicated. Reminder That sports, along with school, represent the main tool for guiding our youth towards virtuous life choices.” I have declared Sports and Equal Opportunities Adviser, Emanuela Ferrante.

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