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Have you seen Courteney Cox’s daughter before? His mother is actress Jennifer Aniston

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American actress, director and television producer, Courteney Cox He definitely represents one of the most recognizable faces ever to appear on the small screen. This is thanks above all to the interpretation of one of the main characters of the cult television series. ”friendsIt is among the most appreciated and loved by the general public.

Courteney Cox was born in Birminghamin Alabama, on June 15, 1964. He began his studies in architecture and interior design at Mount Vernon College who left after just one year to pursue a career as a model and actress.

The actress first appeared on TV in 1984 when the director directed her Brian de Palma In the music video for the song dancing in the dark From Bruce Springsteen.

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In the immediately following years, Cox took part in several television series, among which we remember: incompetentin 1985 and Keaton House, between 1987 and 1989 which allowed her to land her definitively in the world of entertainment. Appears in several movies on the big screen such as: Masters of the Universe, Cocoon – Return, Ice Ventura – Pet Hunter Horror saga Screamwhere you play the role of a journalist storm winds.

epic cry

The great international success he dedicates in all respects as one world star It comes thanks to his participation in the famous sitcom. ”friends‘, which marked the history of television in the nineties. Here he plays the role of Monica Geller For 10 seasons.

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In 2009, Courteney Cox worked as a producer and translator on the TV series Cougar townIt was renewed for six seasons, which earned it a nomination for golden balls. In 2022, the actress again played the role of Gale Weathers in the fifth installment of Scream.

Courteney Cox’s private life

Courteney Cox has had many romantic relationships with some men who belong to the entertainment world as an actor Michael Keaton and the music Adam Duritz.

In 1999, the actress married the actor David Arquetteknown in the epic group Scream. Their only daughter was born in 2004 from their marriage: Cocothe actress is a great friend Jennifer Aniston She is the godmother. However, the marriage between the two ends in 2010 even if the couple maintain good relations.

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Currently, Kourtney is happily engaged to her partner Johnny McAidThe band’s lead singer Snow Patrol.

current partner

The actress likes to share on her profile Instagram Moments from everyday life she filmed with her now teenage daughter.

to the weekly magazine People, Kourtney, regarding the education she is trying to impart to her daughter, said the following:

I think we have to let our kids be themselves, and obviously within certain limits, I’m not very good with limits, and I have to get better. she said to me: You are a great mother, don’t change, you know I don’t like change. So if I just say I’m going to be tougher, fear gets in the way. You have to be strong: If I tell her I’m taking her phone away, I have to. But I’m not always strong, that’s the point.

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