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Great user reviews on Steam, is Valve hiding them for a few hours? –

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elden ring A large section of the PC audience arrived and started playing right after midnight, to jump straight into Interregnum. This allowed players steam Post your own Review. Results? At the moment, the audience is very cold ahead of the game FromSoftware and it settles at 59%. On top of that, it appears that Valve has also blocked reviews, at least for a few hours.

At the time of writing, there have been over 10,000 Elden Ring reviews on Steam and the end result is a 59% positive responses, with indexed and thus “average”. Of course, most of the reviews were done pretty much immediately after launch, with many users giving their opinion after less than an hour of gaming. Most of the criticism revolves around optimization issues, with an Italian review stating that Elden Ring is essentially one big version of the infamous City Open World.

Moreover, as reported by a Twitter user, as you can see below, it appears to be at least a few moments Elden Ring Review On Steam it has been deleted or blocked. However, we don’t know what actually happened (and the image the user shared doesn’t show the entire page, so it could be a screenshot from another Steam page, for a game that hasn’t been published yet). At the time of writing, as mentioned, there are reviews on the game’s product page. Even assuming something happened, it could be a bug that was quickly corrected by Valve.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the comments for now on the Elden Ring, as it broke records for contemporary players of Sekiro and Dark Souls 3.

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