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Covid, French Minister of Health: “We are not far from 300,000 cases per day.” The United States, a new record: exceeded one million injuries in 24 hours

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“the France It’s not far from 300,000 cases of corona virus per day.” The unprecedented expectations in Europe since the beginning of the epidemic came from the mouth of the Minister of Health in Paris, Olivier Ferrand, who made the statements public during his speech in Parliament. All this while the Assembly will resume this afternoon, after tonight’s pause, the debate on the bill providing for the introduction of a Super green pass Italian style. While the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, announced that children of health workers would be able to continue to go to class even if their children were closed due to infection with the Covid-19 virus: “We have planned to welcome children everywhere in France. Children of health care workers – He said to microphones France Inter – so that the parents can continue to work.”

until the United States of America They are overwhelmed by the new varante Omicron In the past few hours, they recorded the largest number of injuries since the beginning of the pandemic, with More than a million cases sign in. An unprecedented increase, especially in some countries such as FloridaAlso, due to gatherings during the holidays. In four days, the epidemic reached total numbers States doubled. On the other hand, it increases 4 times if compared to the data of only last week. In Florida, which is one of the least restricted US states, cases are It grew 948% in two weeks. Infection that allows knowing Johns Hopkins University, can be underestimated, given that so many Americans now rely on DIY Covid tests that have a much wider margin of error than molecular tests.

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in a Germany Covid cases continue to rise again. In the last 24 hours, they signed up 30,561 new infections e 356 dead. file data Robert Koch Institute reportweekly occurrence The growing number of the sixth consecutive daily bulletin, which stands today at 239.9 cases per 100,000 population. However, the numbers are much lower than the 432.2 occurrence a month ago. while in Spain The weekly infection rate is now skyrocketing: 1,348 cases per 100,000 population, a sharp increase compared to Monday night’s figure, where it stood at 1,086. However, the situation in hospitals appears to be under control, thanks to the large number of people who have been vaccinated. The beds occupied by covid patients are 10%, 21% of the beds intensive care. “Only a few of the injured need intensive care,” the minister said. Felix Bolanos. In December, to stem the new wave of infections, the authorities again imposed the use of outdoor masks. Meanwhile, the two-dose vaccination rate for those over 12 years old has exceeded 90%, while about a third of children aged 5 to 12 years have received the first dose. Record new cases, however, in AustraliaMore than 47 thousand injuries were recorded in the last day.

Give Israelcovid coordinator professor Saman Al-ZarqaHe said the country does not aim to “herd immunity. We do not want everyone to be injured, God forbid. Here’s a new virus that we don’t know enough about. We don’t know what its future consequences might be. So it’s a good idea that we all go and get vaccinated, keep masks and protect ourselves.”

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