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5 games leaving the catalog on July 15, 2022, here are the titles –

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in the standard rotation of Xbox Game Passwhich includes all games in the catalog except for Microsoft’s first parties, five more titles will leave the service in the middle of the month, so let’s see which ones are. Games will be removed from the catalog The July 15 2022.

These are the titles leaving Xbox Game Pass in mid-July:

  • Atomicrobes
  • carrion
  • Murta’s children
  • chris tales
  • deadly league fire

These are five games that all belong to landscape indieThis is an area where many of the titles on Xbox Game Pass come from, and as usual the advice is to focus on them if you’re interested, so you can finish them before they leave the service.

Other than that, you can still buy them by taking advantage of the premium gaming discount on Game Pass.

Among these, we remember that Carrion is an interesting metroidvania that puts us in a strange perspective of a monster, in a state of terror in which we must try to survive the humans who are chasing us. Children of Morta is a roguelike dungeon crawler that also has a certain interest in narrative and multiplayer co-op, while Cris Tales is an RPG with special cartoon graphics, set in a fantasy world.

In the meantime, we also remind you of the games of the second half of June 2022, while we wait for Microsoft’s official announcement about The first games coming in July 2022which could arrive next Tuesday.

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