April 24, 2024

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Trader pretends to be dead to teach his family a lesson (then shows up at his funeral by helicopter) – Corriere.it

Trader pretends to be dead to teach his family a lesson (then shows up at his funeral by helicopter) – Corriere.it

He wanted to give a “life lesson” to his family, which, according to him, he did not feel very much appreciated. And so, 45-year-old Belgian David Burten — who calls himself “Ragnar_le_fou” on TikTok, or crazy Ragnar, from the name of a Norwegian Viking who remembers, moreover, a lot, with that squishy squirm and throat cap — pretended to die so He organized his funeral, where though He showed up by helicopteralong with the camera crew. “Good morning, everyone, welcome to my funeral,” was Burton’s greeting to the small crowd of relatives and friends who were preparing to commemorate his death.

I must say a shocking joke, which TikToker had been thinking of for a year and which he was able to implement thanks to the cooperation of his partner and children, who helped him organize the entire stage. – Rest in peace, dad. I will never stop thinking of you. Why is life so unfair? why you? You were about to become a grandfather and still have your whole life ahead of you. I love you! we love you! We will never forget you, ”the daughter wrote on social media, suggesting the death of the father. Once the farce was discovered, reactions were mixed and if someone immediately ran to hug the “newborn” Liège (in one of the many videos dedicated to this story we see a crying man hugging Burton as soon as he got off the helicopter), many instead took it for a joke, And they found it in very bad taste.

“Having lost my dad at 18 and my mom at 29, I find it hard to accept the joke,” one user commented. He repeated for a second, “Now we know why people didn’t like him.” “What I see happening in my family often hurts me: I’m never invited to anything, nobody sees me, we’ve all been carried away. I felt so unappreciated. That’s why I’m giving you a life lesson and wanted to show that you shouldn’t wait for someone to die.” What to find,” Bertin explained in a later sectionhowever, saying that he was content with his “social experience”, because he understood “whom I can really count on”.

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