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Great Hockey Wants NFT

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National Hockey League Points decided towards the world Non-Fungible Codethanks to cooperating with NFT Sweet. The project is still under study, but the possibility of trading with Code from disk on ice.

The technology needed to develop the project, according to approved rumors and pending further details, could come from Tezos or ribbed. The choice is also dictated by the need for NHL To appear with great fanfare e Green color in the crypto world.

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The hottest hockey league arrives in the crypto world

commitment that National Hockey League Face the operation leaves little room for doubt: the future of the top American Hockey League will soon be rejected. web 3. We don’t have many details at the time of writing, but we certainly do NHL You are developing a group NFT Along with the market sweet.

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Sports and NFT: a rich marriage

NFT Sweet Which, among other things, has a nice display of collectibles related to Formula 1. There is no shortage of teams on the podium McLaren And the Red Bull, the usual appearances among our pages due to the strong coding structure. Back to the news in light of the association’s participation Alumni Association And the Players Associationthe idea of ​​minting the coins for the athletes participating in the upper excursion seems more than obvious.

The NHL Draft will be somewhere between NFT trading and a market with stock available for a limited time. Starting in October, the first tokens will be released, which fans will be able to play with and receive rewards in the form of other NFTs.

statement David Lehansky suggest that NHL He intends to move in strides, exploring future developments in every way to engage the many fans who follow the game of hockey in the United States. There will be the possibility to associate tokens with media that reproduce the most important moments of the season, in the aftermath What happens in american basketball? with The best NBA shots.

On the same technical level Lehanski He states that at the moment there are several options under consideration, and it will be the most reliable partners at the moment Tezos And the ribbedat least according to rumors coming from NFT Sweet. Choose who would make an entry NHL In the crypto world anymore Green colorat least in the eyes of many supporters series low impact environmental.

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Tezos, but also seen Polygon

Tezos And so he reappears at the American Aviation Summit hockeyafter, after Launch of the NFT Collection on Qayne Gretzky by ebay. Or at least he’ll be back, because the official announcement hasn’t been made yet. What we can guess is that future developments of the process will far exceed these first announcements, with the fun aspect associated with Non-Fungible Code Which in all probability will also find application in the frozen field.

Maybe the odds of playing with collectibles won’t be rejected in the first place the games Pure, on the other hand, there are no names like Animoca To accompany the union press releases, not to mention the main rumors metaversebut applications NFT Which we have already seen in other sports leaves room for any future development.

In football, there are nationals of caliber Binance It is already starting to pay off that fans and clubs have not slowed down to reaping. The former gains in terms of engagement with their favorites, and the latter, which attracts more with the critical aspect of the issue, all go in the same direction, with Empoli who gives us the latest examplebut only in chronological order, of how attractive cryptocurrencies are to league. with That bypassing everything will patronize even World Cup in Qatar.

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