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“Government incentives for electric car or else there will be consequences” warns CEO Stellantis (from Exor) via Repubblica e Stampa (from Exor)

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“We have regular contact with government, we already said that then electrification he will not come continuous There will be an effect on Electric car market growth This would generate others consequencesWhat are the consequences is not clear. But the words of the CEO of Stellantis Carlos Tavares a Republic, controlled by the holding Exor from the family Aneli Who is also the main shareholder of Stellantis, it is quite clear. The government warned: it is better to propose incentives To buy electric cars – which instead the Budget Law Just agreed not submit – Or he seems to understand that Italian factories will suffer from the repercussions of this. This is from 2017 to 2021, according to data just released by cisl end, They saw the production of cars collapse by 45%.

It must be said that it is the same question Republic, a picture of the one that appears in the interview published by the twins Journalism Turin on the occasion of the Stellantis-Amazon Agreement, to anticipate a clear course of action: “You will pressure The government to avoid the risk of a decline in sales? The answer is of course yes. A step back: Stellantis was born as it is known from the fusion between dog e Fca, who started the race for the electric car very late given the former CEO Sergio Marchionne He was skeptical and wary of saying the least zero-emissions vehicle. Tavares in recent months, especially after introducing EU Fit for 55 plan that requires all cars to be registered from 2035 space emissions zero, threw himself without any forbidden restrictions against him Fear of “forced electrification” in no uncertain terms The consequences for the workplace. Now he seems to be proposing an alternative: yes to electricity but let the states pay.

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“the Technologies The electric car currently has Cost over 50 percent Compared with the traditional, “is his reasoning. “Obviously we can not coup Fully this cost on consumers, especially for the middle class, because they will stop buying. At the same time We can’t trade at a loss, because we will have to restructure the activities and this will be big social repercussionsAnd therefore? “We need some time, because we will be able to absorb the costs by 2025-2026. This means that Over the next five years, it would be good for governments to support sales with help, So that even the middle class can take advantage of the benefits of clean and sustainable mobility.”

Meanwhile, in Basant, he chaired the group John Elkann He will decide the number of gods 4500 software engineersThe group aims to be set up by 2024 in Italy. “Of course there will be but I still can’t decide how much. We have technical centers in all the countries in which we operate and wherever the engineering community can apply for training. We are starting to choose who will participate, maybe in this first year we will not reach a thousand participants but we will not go far. The Academy will be a very powerful tool for changing our industry. There is no reason to exclude any of our technical centers, Also in Italy.

Choices to be made in a global setting that sees production in Italian factories fall more and more. In 2021, according to data from cisl end, I I stopped short Semiconductors Loss of production at Stellantis plants exacerbated into 2020, data with 6.1% decrease to 673,574 units (it was 717,636 in the previous year) while it was up to -17.7% in 2019. For the first time in four years “we go below 700 thousand”. Since 2017, 45% of cars have been lost (from 743,454 to 408,526) and a third of vehicles including cars and vans. The unenviable palm of the worst collapse belongs to him my file which lost 66,202 units (-28.8% in 2020), and fell to 163,646 units produced: a value less than half of the 390,000 units produced in 2015.

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