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USA, Finding Dylan: Sperm donor with 96 children, 25 traced

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Rome, August 28, 2023 – He has 96 childrenHe is looking for them and has tracked down 25 of them so far. American sperm donor He sets out in search of the children he helped deliver, research done in collaboration with their families.

The story of Dylan Stone Miller

Dylan Stone Miller is a 32-year-old computer engineerHe told the Wall Street Journal that he became a donor at the age of 20 so he could pay a hefty fine for drunk driving. However, it wasn’t Stone Miller who started the research, but rather one of the mothers who conceived a girl with a boy’s semen that she found by combining the scant data provided by the sperm bank and social media.

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Rules for sperm and egg donors in our country. But the Italians are very few.

After Stone Miller gave express consent to the bank to report his data, he opened his account Facebook account who invited all the families of his biological children to join him, of whom about twenty immediately joined the order, usually single or married to other women. The donor even started a program of visits with some of the children, which he plays a difficult role because the mothers prevent him from identifying himself as the “father” of the children, which does not fully convince him. Also aspire to keep that connection open with them indefinitely.

In vitro fertilization for one million Americans

And the newspaper reminds of that More than a million Americans have been conceived Through in vitro fertilization processes, a large portion of which – no data available – were conceived using sperm obtained from a bank.

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