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Irene Pappas is dead, farewell to the Greek actress: Penelope was in the Odyssey on Italian TV

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behind 70 movies A career spanning decades. She passed away at the age of 96 Erin Pappas, a legendary Greek actress, symbol of beauty and representative of the Mediterranean culture abroad. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Culture of Athens, which confirmed that the actress left behind an important “cultural heritage”. Many films in which Pappas played the hero, including Odysseythe famous Italian TV drama with Bekim Fahmyo and legendary Zorba the Greek.

A life dedicated to cinema

In his career spanning nearly 50 years, Papas – a pseudonym Irene Liliko He works with some of the greatest directors of the twentieth century. Since the 50s, the actress spends more and more time in Italy, criticizing the hated colonel regime in Greece through films. During that time, Baba worked hand in hand Elio Petri (all alone1967), Steno and Mario Monicelli (infidels1953) and Alberto Latuada (I will be her father, 1974). After the success of the big screen, Papas also debuted stage – With Maurizio Scaparro – And in the televisionWhere she played Penelope in the drama Odyssey. He remembers his last appearances Captain Corelli’s mandolinthe 2001 movie in which Pappas starred in the opposite direction Nicolas Cage. Katharine Hepburnwho starred with Greek actress Ni TrojansShe came to define Papas as “one of the best actresses in the history of cinema”.

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