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Gianni Zanasi introduces The War – The Desired War: ‘Cinema should attack reality, not the other way around’

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Starring Edoardo Leo, Miriam Leone, Carlotta Natoli, and many more, this heady film that tackles today’s drama was presented in the colors of comedy at the Rome Film Festival. War – The coveted war will hit theaters on November 10th with Vision.

A misguided joke from some Spanish boys to Italian girls provokes a quarrel between the two groups, which leads to decadence, and eventually the dead man escapes.
Likewise, this issue degenerates into a clash between the two countries, involving France and pushing the three nations to the brink of war.
With war on the doorstep, even ordinary people feel legitimate or pressured to vent all their aggression and frustration.
This, in short, is the concept behind The war – the desired warFilm directed by Gianni Zanasi and perform it Eduardo Leo, Myriam Leon, Giuseppe Battiston, Carlotta Natoli, Stefano Frisi And many more written by Zanasi himself Michel Pellegrini and Lucio Pellegrini.
The movie that always happens in a cinema zanase Always suspended between comedy and drama, with surreal ideas and the flirtation of the absurd, it is presented today in Rome Film Festivalwill debut In cinemas on November 10 with Vision Distribution.

War – Desirable War: Trailer

With a story about the war, and a title like that, the real war in Ukraine was stirred up in many quarters. but how zanase He remembers time and time again that this movie was born in his mind as early as 2019.
To those who ask him about the effect of the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict on him, and if he feels able to predict the future, Zanasy replied: “A very ugly effect. Cinema should attack reality, not the other way around. I was in Tahrir when Russia invaded Ukraine, but as I have often repeated, it is not I who predict the future, but the future is receding. The real war is horror, and the movie has nothing to do with horror. Our movie is about something else. Talk about conflict, not war. He does not speak of current events, but of the present, the present dominated by a sense of urgency that leaves no room for pleasure but only for the parties: are you my friend or my enemy? Do you love me or hate me? It’s a fever. Because of this scorching fever, people released what was inside of them. It comes out of it all, through thick and thin.”

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in war We talk, through outright jokes, about losing our critical conscience, and ask ourselves “when do we all get mad.” for Eduardo Leo “The critical conscience we’ve buried for so long, long gone crazy. We’ve witnessed the slow decline of our movement in the world. Real understanding of what’s going on. You can’t give yourself certain answers, but you can ask yourself questions. These are the questions that emerge from the movie, And it’s important that comedy raises these questions. And so does our cinema.”
He added, “In the film, questions emerge in the face of the crisis, emergencies and achieved facts. But we must have an urgent need to ask them also in peace.” Myriam Lyon.

Finally, it is also clear from the trailer that although in this dramatic and absurd situation a feeling of love arises between the two actors’ characters, although it then recedes in unusual ways. but love zanaseis one of the possible responses to the crisis of the present, the one he talks about war. It also concluded thatMovies have the power to even wildly express the complexity of love“.

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