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Panic deadlock, what will happen – Libero Quotidiano

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After reaching a two-month high of 159/MWh, i the prices affiliate Gas It decreased significantly (138) but remained well above the minimum reached on November 11 (97.8). How can this new increase be explained? first with Worker climategiven that the bullish moments mainly coincided with the lower temperatures that affected all parts of Europe.

As a result, heating demand has increased and inventory has decreased, so the price increase we are seeing is part of the logic of the market. Colder temperatures are expected over the next two weeks: according to forecast models, most of Europe will have to deal with arctic turbulence, with the UK and the Nordic countries the hardest hit. However, gas reserves are more abundant than usual, and large LNG imports have compensated for the decrease in gas flows from Russia, but Prospects are still difficult.

According to industry experts, demand will have to be cut soon and more LNG imports may also be needed to get through the winter. Meanwhile, on the political level, discussions continue about the hypothesis of imposing a European ceiling on the gas exchange rate. This was also a topic taken up by Sergio Mattarella and Ursula von der Leyen, who met on Wednesday December 7 in Milan.

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