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Afghanistan, a missing child handed over to American soldiers. Father: “Help us find him” –

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from Marta Serafini

Sohail, two months old, was among the newborns taken through the wall to the army in mid-August at the entrance to Kabul airport. Once inside the parents never find him again

Decision made in seconds. Then they put him in the arms of a soldier, like so many other fathers in those days. They just wanted to save him from the crowd and thought they’d get him back once they got to the airport. But then there was no trace of Sohail.

as he says ReutersMirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife were Soraya at Kabul airport On August 19 to leave the country. finished in crush dirty river And Abe Gate, along with thousands of other people waiting to enter Hamid Karzai Airport to board evacuation flights, They entrusted Sohail to the U.S. Army for fear of being crushed by the crowd and to condemn reaching him on the other side of the fence soon after.. It is not easy to leave a two-month-old baby in the arms of a stranger. But, after all, the entrance was just 5 meters away. And there were many, in those hours, who passed the newborns behind the wall.

Then, for the Taliban, they began to push back the crowd. It took a long time to get in. At least half an hour. And when Mirza and Soraya arrived at the airport, Sohail went. Gone, melted. I searched everywhere for three days, but there was not even an area designated for children. I asked more than twenty people, but I don’t speak English, so I couldn’t even tell who the captain wasExplained Mirza Ali, who worked as a security officer at the US Embassy in Afghanistan for ten years.

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A few days later, Mirza Ali, Soraya and their other children – aged 17, 9, 6 and 3 – boarded a plane bound for Doha, then were flown to Germany. Final destination, Fort Bliss, Texas With other Afghan refugees Waiting to be resettled somewhere in the United States. But Sohail is not with them.American aid workers and officials have told me they will do everything they can to find him, but they are just promises, Mirza Ali despairs. A US official reassured that the case had been reported to all relevant agencies, including US bases and overseas sites. But unfortunately, no one can find the child. Meanwhile, his mother Soraya and his siblings are unable to stop even for a moment at Sohail, that child who knows where he ended up and is still alive.

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