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Never seen before: a Mediterranean undersea volcano threatens to erupt

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There are many volcanoes in the Mediterranean and one in particular seems to be up and running again

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Santorini Is a small island located in the southern part of the Cyclades archipelago, in Aegean Sea. in the past His name was Saint Irini, who introduced him Venice In honor of Saint Irene of Thessalonica, martyr to which it was dedicated Basilica of Perissa.

L’Island Not only famous for its special beauty and blue seabut it is known, especially by scholars, b Presence of volcanoes, some of which are still active. It is already one volcanic land. It was originally one Cerclepresented a marine lake internal ones crater from a volcano.

for him geographical morphology current is that of Semicircle due to various volcanic eruptions suffer from the island. According to recent dated studies 2006 Through accurate analytics C 14 And dendrochronological, it is possible to create who between 1627 and 1600 BC. Santorini, in part, has been devastated beforeeruption from the volcano.

distance EarthquakeFu, central fossa collapsed Covered From the sea, they did not leave until they appeared some parts external. today is volcano It is about 18 meters below sea level. for him crater has a diameter 3 kilometers and depth 512 meters.

Second recent studies Santorini underwater volcano, better known as Colombo, it has a growing magma chamber. This means thatIsland Another could suffer Earthquake very important in at 150 years old.

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