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Women’s football: victories for Fiama and relegation for Real Meda

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Opposite results for two Brianza teams in the championship Women’s football in the third division, group A. Saw the fifth day again The return of the victory of Fiama Monzathird of the season, and falls badly real meda.

Women’s football: the return of Fiama Monza

to echothe Red and white They outdid themselves by striking the fort SolbiateseIn fact, they’re half done because they came from behind two goals and then signed the winning goal. The first half had ended in a stalemate for both sides. In the second half, Brianza’s team suffered an initial slip and Varese’s team took advantage to score in the second minute. magati And then right in the fifth minute with Barbin.

The clubs reacted quickly and in the 14th minute hyenaa former player on duty, reopened the score, so in the 20th minute he equalized with a goal Shinoli who pushed themselves shamelessly hyena In full recovery the victory occurred.

“A success we deserved, even if we suffered for it,” he said. Coach Agostino ZagariaAn inspiring victory to continue the season against a strong team in the upper quarters of the table. We kept up well in the first half and scored well as well. In the second half we lost 10 minutes which cost us two goals, then we got back on track and with the equalizer came a victory we couldn’t wish for anymore given the way the game ended, but it is a victory that rewards us for many who escaped from us and that could mark a decisive turning point in the game. Our heroism continues.

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Women’s Soccer: Meda goes home

Very disappointed, however, in a house real meda. home defeat vs independent Iveria It created a lot of anxiety because the players lacked reaction in crucial moments of the competition. Bad sign worries management. The Black Panthers took the lead at 11 with Arrosio outside the area it serves Tail Shake a Piedmontese sack. Having closed the first segment with the lead, when everyone expected the black and white to continue crushing the game, they fell incredibly low, allowing the guests to equalize and sign the successful goal. At the end of the game in Real Meda, no one wanted to comment on the defeat, let alone the players realizing that they threw in a great opportunity to get out of the game jam. And to think that against Independiente Ivrea, the Brianzas scored their first success in the league in the first round.

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