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Gasoline and 8 billion euro bills are on the way to counter the inflation alarm

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A new aid decree. The third is that name and always for the same purpose: to limit the impact of an increase in energy prices on home and business accounts. The verdict will be approved in the second half of next July, and it will be possible to limit it, according to what Al-Rasoul said with various sources working on the file, to about 8 billion euros.


How will you use this money? This time the intervention will primarily target companies that are struggling with expensive energy. Technicians at the Ministry of Economy and Palazzo Chigi are working to extend a series of tax cuts in favor of companies to recover, at least in part, the “crazy” costs of bills that will likely eventually be spent on product prices fueling an inflationary spiral. Energy-intensive businesses are now entitled to a 25 percent tax credit for purchasing electricity. For all other businesses, the discount is 15 percent. But these privileges expired on June 30th.


The government’s goal is to extend it by another quarter. The same goes for gas. The tax exemption for companies that use gas in their production processes is 25 percent. This “aid” has also expired and should be extended by a new government decree. The second measure relates to discounts on petrol and diesel. The production fee cut, which allows a 30-cent-per-liter rebate for motorists at the pump, has now been extended through August 2. And in the new decree, the “reduction” must be extended by another two months, until the beginning of October. At least for now, there are no other actions planned for families. In the decree approved by the government last Thursday, the abolition of system fees on electricity and gas bills for another quarter was already confirmed. A measure by which Arrera, the energy authority, was able to reset the price increases for the next three months. In addition, the €200 contribution set by the government in the first aid decree will be paid with the July salary and pension vouchers. Thanks to the 8 billion that will be allocated to the next measure, the total government aid bill for exorbitant energy will reach nearly 40 billion euros. A result obtained without the need to change the budget as requested by various political forces. But where will the money come from? of improving public finances. In the next few days, the Treasury will present the budget amendment bill to the Chambers.

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The text will not contain any particular news, also because data on tax revenue for the past few months is still pending. Thanks to the good performance of state revenue, as well as the effect of inflation and price increases, with the amendment of the amendment bill, the surplus revenue recorded so far will be taken out and Parliament will be asked for permission to use. By turning it towards anti-inflation measures.


In recent days, Prime Minister Mario Draghi has made it clear that the government will focus available resources on the new aid decree, deferring the start of the tax peg cut in the fall to the next budget law. But it’s also true that some small marks, even for families with higher bills and higher prices in general, have arrived anyway. Among the amendments approved by the Commission to the aid decree, which will be voted on in the Chamber of Deputies tomorrow, there is also a rule allocating a one-time bonus of 550 euros to vertical rotating part-time workers who have no other work during the work break. . The Cinquestelle movement explained that “this intervention” represents an additional response to more than 50 thousand workers and workers working in services that provide for suspension and interruption of work. Our work for him interferes diligently and shows our great interest in the most vulnerable.”

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