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What is the Kinzhal hypersonic missile that Russia says it used in Ukraine –

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to Guido Olympio

Moscow reported that it used hypersonic ballistic missiles during the war in Ukraine: this is what they are, and how they work

Plus cannon fire – in a stream The war in Ukraine The Russians are counting on it new weapons.

The Department of Defense announced that it has, for the first time, hired a Kinzhal hypersonic missile To destroy a Ukrainian underground warehouse. However, an American position following the military aspects (the war zone) raised doubts about the true objective: according to their hypothesis, it was possible to hit a farm and not a strategic one.

The weapon that a Tu23 fighter or bomber can throw, Its speed is ten times the speed of sound And a range of up to 2000 km.

It can also be equipped with a nuclear chargebut in this case they were limited to a conventional warhead.

The main advantage, in addition to speed, lies in Maneuverability, so interception becomes more difficult. Anti-aircraft – provided they had sufficient means – reduced reaction times. In addition, the sensors equipped with the device ensure greater accuracy.

In 2018, some analyzes argued that the system could represent An important novelty in Putin’s arsenalone of the many superweapons projects put forward by Kremlin propaganda.

In early February it was reported The presence of a MiG-31 aircraft equipped with a missile in the Khaliningrad region. A sign of strength towards the Baltic states and Poland.

Now the use of the carrier in the Ukrainian conflict can be read in several ways: Evidence that the Russians are ready to use any means (The news has spread in recent days On the use of cluster and thermal weapons); They avoid exposing the fighters (they lost a lot, in fact they use many cruise missiles); They were hit with an unfamiliar device, and it was never used, which the defenders can’t do much against. Finally, the use of the hypersonic missile represents a deviation from critical analyzes of the Army’s behavior in the initial phase of the special operation, amid delays and problems.

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Perhaps the bombs and missiles that rained indiscriminately on populated centers would be more lethal, just as the devastation was devastating. Once the attack was opposed by the resistance, Putin abandoned it The usual scorched earth tactic. The only way to break the cities that don’t give up.

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