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Turin is in space, and Sirio and Le Russo fly to Rome

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The task of the mayor and governor in the capital. Meeting with Minister Crocito to discuss the billion investment in Pnrr: “accelerating the process”. Then the summit with Tajani for the AML file

At stake is a billion investment in aviation that is being intercepted by funds banner. This is where the task Stephen Le Russo And Albert Sirio Due tomorrow in Rome. First stop by the Minister of Defense Guido Crocito who had already visited Corso Marche last July as president of the Italian Federation of Aerospace, Aerospace and Security Companies. “Pole Piedmont has characteristics that are not found in any part of Italy – declared Crosetto -. It has places, technologies, entrepreneurship, history and university connections. So if Italy wants to focus on space, it can do so through Turin“. But then he warned: “We need a Genoa model to speed up the time required to implement the Turin Space City project.” The same Genoa model that the mayor and governor obtained the prior approval of the Minister of Infrastructure Matthew Salvini To speed up the construction of the second metro line. And again with the aim of speeding up operations, the green light of the Parco della Salute Commissioner must also be included.

Sector figures for Piedmont refer to 350 companies, 20,000 employees, and $7 billion in turnover. Among the flagships there are such giants as Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space and Altec. Turin is the center of the sector, and here the new aviation center will have to be built which, according to data provided by Crosetto in July, is set to increase its turnover by 400% to reach 28 billion with 80,000 employees. The two’s mission was kept secret until the end, “We’d better talk when we get home,” the result is the mayor’s repeated joke.

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Once the meeting with the Minister of Defense is over, Sirio and Lou Russo will receive the Deputy Prime Minister and owner of the Farnesina Anthony Tajani, to which they will submit the file to host the European Anti-Money Laundering Authority in Turin. A summit in which the President of Piedmont will try to strengthen his old relations with the second man in the executive power, taking advantage of the relations that he can revitalize given his past as President of the European Parliament. The administrative plan merges with the political plan in a game in which diplomacy plays a far from secondary role.

At this point, the two will separate: Lo Russo will go to ANCI, while Cirio will go to FIGC where he will present to the President Gabriel Gravina The “Truffle of the Year” award presented by the region of Piedmont and the city of Alba and the Truffle Fair.

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